Ecole d'Humanité
Ecole d'Humanité

In today’s world, having a global mindset is paramount. The lines that once defined borders have blurred with the increase of people with multicultural backgrounds and diverse experiences. Being open to new perspectives, embracing cultural differences, and actively seeking out new experiences — these are what it take to thrive in a world where some EU cities have 60% to 70% of their children population come from an immigrant background and that that by 2045, the US will no longer have a racial majority. 

Just as important is the know-how to navigate increasingly complex moral situations. It is said that when character is lost, all is lost. Hence why it’s crucial that moral values are taught — and taught right — from childhood. 

Your child could have a headstart on how to thrive in this new world by attending the right school. As their formative years are spent in school, choosing one that helps your child make sense of what is right and wrong will make a world of difference. Some international schools have managed to create educational ecosystems that foster a globalised mindset, strong moral fibre, and well-rounded individuals with a zest for making the world a better place. Three of them are profiled below:

Ecole d'Humanité

A beautiful view at Ecole d’Humanité with progressive learning Source: Ecole d’Humanité

The Ecole d’Humanité

The Ecole d’Humanité offers a uniquely progressive education in both English and German — the kind that nourishes a child’s intellectual, artistic, athletic, social and emotional development. The renowned Swiss boarding school is located in the Canton of Bern, with the breathtaking Bernese Alps as the backdrop to its pristine campus. Flower-strewn meadows and verdant woods as well as the necessary amenities — all are within arm’s reach. These are the settings for many enrichment opportunities, from hiking, biking and skiing to theatre, dance, and blacksmithing — which tie into the Ecole d’Humanité’s preparatory curriculum that boasts an extensive co-curricular programme

What sets the Ecole d’Humanité’s approach to learning apart is how it is not about education for education’s sake but rather about finding the meaning behind what children learn and how that can help your child pave their own way. Individual strengths shine, with your child set to succeed at the pace and area they want to focus on.

As a small, private boarding school, Ecole d’Humanité considers community to be of utmost importance. The rhythm of the school is organised to encourage this sense of belonging, with weekly family and school-wide activities and even meals together in the dining hall with family heads. This, along with the progressive education, has certainly helped many students find their stride and passion. 

Ambitious and motivated students may participate in the Advanced Placement Path Programme, which is unique amongst boarding schools in the country. It is a fully customised, goal-oriented educational plan which allows high school students to take on college-level work while still in secondary school. Adventurous students may opt for the Outdoor Programme, which will take your child through majestic vistas. As they explore stunning Swiss scenery, your child will develop a profound appreciation for the natural world and discover within themselves deep reserves of strength and grit.

St. Peter's International School

St. Peter’s International School promotes a healthy lifestyle with physical activity and encourages students to explore different art forms to express their creativity. Source: St. Peter’s International School

St. Peter’s International School

St. Peter’s International School prioritises a child’s integral development with a high-quality education. For this institution, it is about helping students build a successful future. 

“With 30 years of experience, St. Peter’s International School focuses on providing the very best in local and international education, combining excellent academic achievements within the Portuguese National Curriculum with that of the internationally accredited Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), both of which are taught in English,” explains Alex Callow, Executive Head of School. 

Language plays a big role in St. Peter’s International School, so it is incorporated into the kindergarten to secondary school curriculum. Students pick up widely spoken languages like Spanish and Mandarin, which exposes them to a wide array of cultural perspectives, histories and ways of thinking. These skills are also highly sought after in the job market, ensuring students graduate with a competitive edge.

The school aims to help your child develop into a well-rounded individual, and while academics are of utmost importance, balance is also a priority. St. Peter’s International School promotes a healthy lifestyle with physical activity and encourages students to explore different art forms to express their creativity. Balance is also extended to the way students approach the outside world. St. Peter’s International School’s values emphasise rigour, responsibility and respect for the individual, the community and the world.

Oslo International School

As an IB World School, Oslo International School emphasises global awareness alongside its rigorous and well-rounded academic programme. Source: Oslo International School

Oslo International School

Broad, stimulating and balanced — this is the kind of education that Oslo International School has provided for over 60 years. The school celebrates its diverse, dynamic, and supportive community, upholding and promoting its guiding values and mission (carefully outlined in its Statement of Community). Known as the most established international school in Norway, its learning environment is both welcoming and inclusive. The school currently has 600 students, from pre-school to upper secondary, made up of over 50 different nationalities from across the globe. 

As an IB World School, Oslo International School promotes global awareness alongside its rigorous and well-rounded academic programme. The curriculum prepares students for a rapidly changing world while sharpening critical thinking, creativity and effective communication skills. Impressively, 100% of its IB Diploma students have passed over the last five years, and at least 95% earn admission to at least one of their top three university choices. 

But good grades aren’t the only result teachers here aim for. Intercultural learning opportunities such as a reading programme, language classes and other co-curriculars foster empathy and open-mindedness. Oslo International School also believes that physical education and the arts are important for students to develop well. Still, the ultimate goal is for students to be prepared for the world beyond the classroom and strive to be their best. “OIS has given me the tools to chase my dreams and the support to make them a reality,” says a student. 

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