3 schools with transformative learning for future global changemakers
Source: Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Our schools influence a good portion of who we are as adults. While most schools do well in teaching students to be competent professionals and decent people, few can transform children into future global changemakers.

These are the schools that believe caring about people and planet starts young. It starts from as early as junior school, with lessons that train children in some of the most important soft skills to do well in university and beyond. These include critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, time management and more.

Progress into higher grades and these schools do not shy away from educating children on some of the most vexing challenges the world today faces. More importantly, they encourage them to ask the tough questions and take initiative to bring the world one step closer to crucial solutions.

The following schools in Asia are home to students who best exemplify these traits and habits. Each has their own unique strategy to achieve this — learn more about each below:

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Driven by strong values. Part of a global group of schools that are world leaders in education, sustainability and global citizenship. Service learning. Students will find these at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, a British international school in Shanghai, China. Nestled in the leafy and green area of the Maqiao district of Minhang, the school was founded in 2016 and caters to pupils aged two to 18.

A vital feature of this school is its values-driven, progressive educational programme that it champions. Service learning is part of the curriculum — an approach that develops kind and caring pupils with strong moral compasses equipped with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make a positive impact on the world.

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi fuses service learning with a focus on technology to equip children with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make a positive impact on the world.
Source: Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

Here’s how they do it. Guided by their mission and vision – Live Worldwise – and College Values, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi leads a range of service initiatives, including an Ambassador School Partnership with Educating Girls in Rural China (EGRC), supporting rural communities with Elevated Honey, and many other projects that promote biodiversity, environmental sustainability and equity.

Another highlight of this school is its emphasis on and integration of emerging technology into its international curricula (IGCSE and IB). It is the first school in China to use many edtech tools and platforms like HarvardX for coding, AS Steer for pastoral care, CenturyTech for AI-driven tailored learning pathways and more. It is heavily focused on providing students with cutting-edge technology that will help them prepare for an ever-changing world.

Such innovation and dedication are due to the school’s highly qualified and experienced staff. Supported by a growing, caring, tight-knit community, they maximise the school’s unique ability to provide holistic, experiential learning paired with a special edge — a balanced focus on wellbeing, character development and academic success.


Japan’s only full-boarding international high school, UWC ISAK Japan strongly believes in the power of education and its potential to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Located in the Nagano Prefecture, just outside the mountain resort town of Karuizawa, the school offers a three-year high school programme for pupils from Grades 10 to 12 and a two-week summer school for those from 13 to 14.


Source: UWC ISAK Japan (Facebook)

The learning journey here starts at Grade 10, emphasising leadership and design thinking skills. Classes are kept small and divided by ability levels. In grades 11 and 12, students begin the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). This programme is said to be the gold standard of high school education.

Support is given every step of the way. This includes university advisors to help students to make informed decisions about where to go next. They can also take advantage of the Gap Year programme and volunteer in a structured program, travel abroad or take time to pursue a passion or interest.

The school also promotes leadership as a skill and practice. Its Leadership Projects (CAS), Outdoor Education, and Core Activities and Clubs show this. Every activity under these initiatives is designed to be purposeful and engaging.

Epsom College Malaysia

Nestled within 50 acres of a lush, green campus is Epsom College Malaysia, a British independent school. It caters to pupils from the ages of 11 to 18 and provides a future-ready curriculum. Whether pupils are enrolled as a boarder or day student, they are taught the English National Curriculum whereby small classroom settings and personalised learning  are prioritised.

Epsom College Malaysia

Source: Epsom College Malaysia (Facebook)

From day one, students are prepped for their A Levels through a vigorous and cutting-edge syllabus. The result? Last year, 63% of all Year 13 students scored an A* or A for their A Levels. This puts them among the top global scorers for this examination. That is not all, IGCSE students received outstanding results as well – 70% of them achieved grades A* or A.

When they’re not working towards achieving exceptional grades, students here have plenty of fun. The school’s extracurricular activities are designed to develop them both personally and socially. They can choose from a wide array of sports, arts, cultural events, and service community. There is something for everyone to be a part of.

Life at Epsom College can be a big change for some, and because of that, the school’s pastoral care is exemplary. Although the college has a huge international community, the well-being of each student is never forgotten. Its House system ensures this — acting as a second family for young people to develop together, by sharing moments and forging memories.