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International French School (Singapore): The best choice for expatriate students

When relocating your family to a new country, one of the toughest decisions is picking which school would best suit your children’s needs. It is especially important to find something that is internationally recognised, as it would make things easier if you intend to move again, as your child will be equipped with transferable skills. The French national system, which features tested methods of teaching and learning at a high academic standard with a structured approach, could be the perfect solution.

Considered one of the best education practices in the world, the French way of learning has a history that goes back to 1789. Valuing tolerance, equality, opportunity and intellectual curiosity, this education system is internationally recognised, qualifying students for the best universities in France, Australia, the UK, the US and throughout the world. One such school that provides the structured benefits of this curriculum is the International French School (Singapore). The results of this are clear when you speak to the families.

The Mouhamadmoussa family moved to Singapore 12 years ago and have their three daughters enrolled at IFS. “The French education system is one of the most highly regarded in the world, known for its emphasis on academic excellence and commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education,” says the parents. “It’s designed to cultivate individuals who can think both critically and creatively.”

International French School (Singapore)

Source: Students at IFS benefit from a well-rounded education. Source: International French School (Singapore)

At IFS, the broad and balanced curriculum fosters imagination and students are taught to fully investigate the world and encouraged to question and reflect on their experiences. This traditional style of teaching is complemented by modern approaches, allowing for creativity and critical thinking to go hand-in-hand.

The school develops global citizens with its focus on bilingualism, enabling students to learn a second or third language, including the fifth world language, French (which is also the fourth most used language on the internet). Learning more languages benefits students’ cognitive skills for multitasking and problem-solving; it makes them more culturally aware and open-minded; it helps them connect and communicate while encouraging intellectual curiosity; and it enhances their career opportunities in the future.

With their three daughters thriving at IFS, the Mouhamadmoussa family sees the real advantages of this way of teaching. “We like that IFS offers the French multidisciplinary curriculum that’s combined with an international context in Singapore,” they say. “The French system focuses on developing core knowledge in French, Math, History, etc., and all these are looked at through an international lens here with many language options as well as cultural events from all over the world. Through this, students learn to respect each other, build their own personalities, and understand that differences bring value.”

The French education system at IFS is split into four stages: maternelle (kindergarten), élémentaire (elementary), collège (middle school) and lycée (high school). Each stage of the curriculum is thoroughly thought out. The IFS Maternelle, for ages two to five, has a low student-educator ratio and full-time, qualified education assistants in every class. Not only are the children well supervised, but they are also engaged and able to develop in a safe learning environment.

When students enter the IFS Élémentaire stage, more academic topics are introduced. Practical skills — such as observation, manipulation, experimentation, and real-life activities — are combined with abstract skills to further develop the child’s complex knowledge acquisition. For ages 11 to 14, it is at the IFS Collège where students tackle more academically focused topics in subjects and develop their ability to master their classes. Finally, it’s the IFS Lycée which gets students ready for higher education and beyond.

International French School (Singapore)

Source: IFS in Singapore is considered one of the top French international schools in Asia and the world. Source: International French School (Singapore)

The school has a 100% pass rate for the French Baccalaureate (Bac). Three-quarters of the students achieved their BAC with distinction, which is why IFS in Singapore is seen to be one of the top French international schools in Asia and the world.

Grade 11 student Shen Yiyang Aaron recounts the benefits of having attended this prestigious institution. “IFS provides the building blocks for me to see the world from a bird’s-eye view,” he says. “We apply what we learn using real-life scenarios. From mastering to application, the learning process is well-structured. On top of this, IFS has the most excellent teachers. They always take extra steps to ensure students are included in the learning process. They provide us with additional materials and even spend their personal time with us. I entered the French school at age 12 as a Chinese person who didn’t speak French. Thanks to IFS, I’ve embraced the French language and its culture.”

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