international schools in Asia

Today, education has never been more key to a successful global future. A university degree can significantly boost global job prospects, and a high school education is fundamental to that. This has everything to do with the skills students learn in school — in their respective subject areas, of course, but also in retaining and analysing information and learning to work with their classmates, too. 

The best schools ensure their students are exposed to all of this and more — and many of them reside in Asia. In these institutions, students gather from all over the world. They learn in safe, welcoming environments that adopt internationally-approved academic curriculums. At the same time, they discover the best of themselves through a range of activities outside the classroom, all of which are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, build self-confidence, and more. 

The result is early exposure to the world whilst pursuing tried and trusted academic curricula — making for a cohort of informed, socially-conscious global citizens. These four schools below embody the best of this. 

International French School (Singapore)

international schools in Asia

At International French School (Singapore), students learn multiple languages — increasing their cognitive abilities from a young age. Source: International French School (Singapore)

For decades, France has been steadily climbing the global ladder in providing quality education. Today, the French education system is widely recognised as one of the best in the world. There are many reasons for this — primarily by bringing a healthy mix of traditional and progressive forms of teaching into the classroom. Peerless cultural offerings add more edge.

Such a curriculum has conventionally been limited to certain schools in France. Enter the International French School (Singapore) (IFS). Here, an excellent English-French education is offered to students aged two to 18. Classes empower children to develop in-demand skills, learn new concepts, and explore themes and topics across different disciplines. 

What truly sets an IFS education apart, however, is its focus on a multilingual education. Studies have long shown how beneficial a multilingual curriculum can be to developing cognitive flexibility and more effective absorption of information. All IFS students have the chance to achieve this through multiple language streams, all of which follow the French national curriculum. 

For example, all kindergarten and elementary students are mainly taught in French and English with an introduction to Mandarin. Such streams are designed with flexibility in mind, giving students the choice to pursue their language goals according to their proficiency, competency and interests. Non-French speakers have access to a French language support programme to aid with their educational journey. 

All of this ensures that students will be more than prepared by the time they reach the Diplôme National Du Brevet (DNB) and the French Baccalauréat levels. After school, they’ll join a community of more than 300 million Francophones worldwide — giving them mastery over the fifth world language and fourth most spoken language on the internet. It’s a solid start that guarantees success at university and beyond. 

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Epsom College Malaysia

international schools in Asia

Epsom College Malaysia brings the best of British education to Southeast Asia. Source: Epsom College Malaysia Facebook

Tucked into the lush greenery of Seremban, Malaysia is a British independent school that’s attracting some of the region’s best and brightest. It’s called Epsom College Malaysia. Here, children between the ages of 11 and 18 are educated on a 50-acre campus that is designed to foster their growth as students and individuals. 

Informed by its parent school — the academically excellent Epsom College, UK — Epsom College Malaysia has developed a future-proof curriculum with over 200 years of British tradition behind it. 

Students are rigorously prepared for their A-Level examinations from day one. It’s a strategy that works. In 2022, 63% of all Year 13 students achieved an A* or A for their A Levels — placing them among the top scorers for one of the world’s most challenging examinations. 

Life at Epsom is not all academics, however. Over 80 co-curricular activities are on offer for students to pursue their interests, from golf to chess. Throw in various sports clubs, service community and leadership opportunities and countless creative and expressive arts programmes, and it makes for a truly well-rounded community of students who grow together as much as they do as individuals.

“It is this engagement beyond the curriculum that enables our learners to make successful applications to some of the top universities globally including Ivy League colleges, universities such as Cambridge and Imperial in the UK, UBC and UT in Canada, the University of Tokyo and many more,” says Headmaster Matthew Brown.

Beijing City International School

international schools in Asia

At Beijing City International School, learning is personalised for every student. Source: Beijing City International School Twitter

Beijing City International School inspires greatness within and outside its walls. The not-for-profit day school offers a comprehensive education for students of all ages, from their toddler years up until 12th grade. Its goal? To educate students who are not only academically gifted but who grow into compassionate people who act for the good of their communities and the world around them.                                                                                           

Students of all nationalities are admitted here, making for a community that celebrates and champions cultural diversity. Together, they represent 28 different nationalities. Despite this, the student community remains tight-knit; they enjoy a one-to-seven teacher-to-student ratio, fostering deeper bonds between faculty and students. 

Academics is designed to generate success. Here, students enjoy a personalised method of learning — a result of the institution’s status as an International Baccalaureate World School. Curricula are constantly reassessed according to a student’s individual readiness, interests and learning styles. This ensures that by the time they get to their IBDP, they’re prepared to tackle the challenge with grit and determination. 

“Whilst outstanding facilities and being an IB world school are important, we know that students learn best when teachers care,” says Head of School Tom Egerton. “What distinguishes BCIS is the quality of the teaching staff who are intentional in helping each student reach their full potential in caring and supportive environments.”

North London Collegiate School in Jeju

international schools in Asia

Students start here to go anywhere. Source: North London Collegiate School Jeju

North London Collegiate School Jeju (NLCS Jeju) is a day and boarding international school for girls and boys aged four to 18. NLCS Jeju students come from Korea, China, Japan, and the rest of Asia. 

Starting this exceptional beginning at NLCS Jeju, many graduates go on to enjoy happy lives as global citizens and future world leaders. Its Junior School is a friendly and warm place for children aged four to 11. They pursue an ambitious academic programme in small classes that ensure quality interaction with their teachers. 

Its Senior School is just as prolific. Through key stages of their education, they work towards sitting for the IGCSE exam and then follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, both of which boast outstanding results by past students.

Pair good grades with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, and NLCS Jeju students evolve into exceptional individuals who believe that anything is possible. From sports to music, drama, art and leadership, students have almost 150 different activities and academic societies to choose from every week. 

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