Interesting on-campus jobs for international students
These roles are both fun and rewarding. Source: Shutterstock

If you’re an international student in the US or Canada, or you’re planning to be one, you won’t be able to work part-time off-campus as it’s against your visa regulations.

Don’t worry, as there are plenty of part-time jobs you can get on-campus that can really help with your future career, or allow you to pick up new skills.

These jobs may not be as easy to get or find compared to jobs like working in the cafeteria or as a custodian, but you’ll be surprised at what’s available if you know where to look.

Besides giving you some financial freedom, a part-time job also adds to the whole university experience, allowing international students to meet new friends and learn more about the country’s culture.

To get the job you really want, or one outside the norm, contact departments directly to see if they have openings instead of referring to job posting boards. Apply as early as possible, as some of these are coveted jobs that get filled up fast.

Here are some cool and interesting jobs available to international students, depending on your university.

Tech/IT support

Love tinkering with technology? A part-time job in IT could be perfect for you. Source: Shutterstock

If you’re a self-confessed computer junkie, you can try working for the IT department. Universities rely heavily on technology in libraries, classrooms, labs and offices, so there are plenty of opportunities open to tech-savvy students.

You could be a printing assistant in the library, work in the IT department and assist with formatting, updating software, fixing computer glitches, or inputting data in an office.

Campus tour guide

If you yearn for human interaction, try for jobs that allow you to connect with people. A tour guide is one of these roles, available all year round for people who come to visit your university on campus tours.

You can also work during orientation week, showing students around and helping them settle into university life.

Fitness/recreation assistant

If you’re passionate about fitness, you could work as a part-time instructor at the university’s fitness centre. Source: Shutterstock

Due to the growing demand of wellness and fitness facilities on-campus, many universities offer fitness classes for students.

If you have a certification in Zumba, yoga, pilates or any other form of aerobic activity, ask the appropriate department if they have any openings for you to teach a class.

Alternatively, if you love sports, you can work as an assistant in the athletics, recreation or fitness department. Your job responsibilities could also include helping out during game days and sporting events.

Social media/marketing assistant

We live in the age of social media and digital marketing, and some universities actively hire student assistants to help out with managing their social media accounts and data entry.

If you’re majoring in marketing or have an interest in the field, securing a job like this on-campus could help you bulk up your résumé and gain some first-hand industry experience.

Day-care assistant/babysitter

Looking after kids could be a great way to get your mind off exam stress and make some extra cash. Source: Shutterstock

Love kids? You could be hired as a babysitter right on-campus! Many big universities have day-care facilities for their employees and students’ children, and need assistants to help with looking after them.

This job usually has flexible hours with no shifts in the evening or weekends, and you get to play with cute kids all day!

Production assistant

If you’re a broadcasting major, this could be a great way to get some hands-on experience in the field.

When universities put on shows, concerts, festivals and so on, they’re usually in need of assistants to help with setting up cameras, lighting and other technical aspects.

Library assistant

Working in a library is perfect for book lovers! Source: Shutterstock

There are several jobs available in libraries, especially in public universities where they have multiple on-campus.

There are many different departments within libraries, inclding the lending department, the mailing department, the administrative department, the stacking department, and so on. You could always work at the front desk and assist students wanting to take out or return books, too.

If you love books, working in a library can be super interesting and enjoyable. Plus, it’s a quiet and relatively stress-free environment where you can probably get some of your schoolwork done when it’s slow.

Radio DJ

Enjoy speaking and sharing your love for music? Check with your campus broadcasting station and see if you can work as a DJ!

You might need some prior experience operating the computer and mixer boards, but most should be able to offer training for student employees.

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