The best uni jobs you probably haven't considered
Being a TV or movie extra can help your student bank account while also being loads of fun. Source: guruXOX/Shutterstock

We all know how pricey being a student can be. Add to that the cost of living overseas, and you’re looking at a decent chunk of change to get you through your course.

Working a part-time job can be a great way to ease this strain, also giving you valuable experience to put on your résumé after graduation.

Being put off by the traditional jobs of pulling pints in your Students’ Union or stacking shelves in the local supermarket is understandable. But university work doesn’t have to be restricted to these menial jobs. There’s plenty of potential to expand your skills while also growing your bank balance.

Here are some great part-time jobs you probably haven’t considered:

Residents’ Assistant

While you don’t technically get paid for this role, it can save you an absolute fortune in the long run.

If you’ve enjoyed university halls in your first year and just don’t feel ready to leave yet, this is perfect for you. Resident’s Assistants get to live in halls rent free and act as a middle man between the students and halls services.

All you have to do is help students out when they have an accommodation-related issue. Now remember, this is student accommodation so it can vary from the boring to the downright bizarre, but most issues are easily manageable, like electrical faults.

Work for your university

You don’t always have to go far to find work. All universities will require the help of current students at one time or another.

Popular assignments are as Student Ambassadors. These are people who are called up to work at open days or fairs that go on throughout the year. While it’s not always a full-time gig, it can be incredibly useful for an extra injection of cash when you need it.

It also helps you get to know your university and those in charge. This gives you great experience in meeting new people and networking with faculty.

Face for TV

This one’s a little less traditional.

Ever thought you’ve got what it takes to be on the silver screen? Wherever it is you’re studying, there will no doubt be some need for extras in television shows and movies.

It’s easy enough to get started, too. You don’t need any special qualifications other than a good work ethic and patience. Just sign up to a local talent agency and wait for the call.

Considering you won’t actually be expected to do very much, the pay is surprisingly good for just a day’s work.

Temp work

Signing up to a temping agency can be an absolute Godsend when you’re studying. It gives you the flexibility to choose work that fits around your schedule and requirements.

Depending on what you’re seeking, you can either do casual ad hoc roles – such as transcribing interviews – as and when you need a little extra money. Or you can sign up for something more regular.

The great thing is, different agencies will specialise in different industries, so it’s possible for you to sign up to something that is in your course area, giving you invaluable experience in the workplace and actually helping, rather than hindering, your studies.

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