Institutions in the APAC that celebrate diversity

The world has come a long way in our acceptance and understanding of diversity. Race relations are often a topic of national and international discourse, but as the shrinking world around us gets smaller by the day, we are exposed to whole array of fascinating, significant, intriguing and different cultures and creeds on a constant basis.

Embracing this magical mishmash of difference within the higher education environment is essential in expanding students’ worldviews and can go a long way in improving universal compassion.

Interacting with an array of people from a whole range of backgrounds widens your social circle and develops your worldliness, a trait that can be vital to future career success in an increasingly globalised world.

No matter what profession you enter, you’ll find yourself working with employers, employees, co-workers, and clients from every corner of the globe and all with their own unique take on life. Exposure to this level of diversity at the college level lays the groundwork for being comfortable and competent working with a variety of individuals of all races and religions.

On top of growing your worldview, diversity has been shown to promote creative thinking; improving one’s capacity for viewing issues from multiple perspectives, angles, and vantage points.

Rather than viewing the world through a single-focus lens, you are able to transform your views and consider multiple options when making decisions, weighing important issues or trying to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

The university experience undoubtedly widens your expertise and shapes your understanding of the wider world. But when combined with a rich, diverse learning environment, the power of the academic experience will be magnified, liberating you from the tunnel vision of an ethnocentric and egocentric viewpoint. By moving far beyond yourself, you will gain a holistic perspective of a connected contemporary society and a more complete view of your place within it.

Here are 4 institutions that celebrate diversity…


Whitireia and Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) have teamed up in strategic partnership to ensure current and future students are given access to the most diverse, exceptional, and effective education programmes.

With both schools already renowned for their culturally diverse student body, this amalgamation only stands to heighten the exposure, experience and world-view of its graduates.

Based in the cultural melting pot and creative centre of Wellington, New Zealand, the two institutions are creating a platform for the next generation of creative thinkers by setting up a Centre of Excellence for applied creativity in the form of Te Auaha – a world-class campus that delivers leading programmes in creativity and innovation.

Source: Whitireia Community Polytechnic & WelTec

Opening for study in 2018, Te Auaha will be a hub of self-motivated, intellectually- and creatively-curious students ready to find new industries and forms of expression. Using state-of-the-art facilities, the school will bring together the creative inspirations of its diverse student base to craft the actors, directors, designers, musicians, hair and beauty artists, broadcasters and writers of tomorrow’s world.

Everything from hi-tech digital recording studios, an in-house radio station, and performance spaces for theatre; to stylists’ studios and salons, workshops for jewellery-making and sculpture, and professional film photography studios, are all available to let your creative juices flow.

It is a place where students and industry meet to work on real-life projects and where fulfilling, successful creative careers are made through a combination of world-class education, ultramodern facilities, industry partnerships and immersion in the cultural cacophony of student life in New Zealand’s creative capital.


At Monash Malaysia, you’re guaranteed to receive a truly international experience. At this Malaysian campus of the world-famous Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, students from all over the world come together to celebrate their culture and unique differences that make Monash Malaysia such a welcoming place.

Located in the cultural hub of Malaysia’s capital, the school organises #DiscoverMonash days in which students spend the day soaking up the customs and traditions of their fellow peers. When you’ve got over 7,500 students from over 70 countries, there’s a whole lot of diversity to celebrate!

With a third of their students hailing from overseas, the student body is incredibly vibrant and the institution’s education offerings reflect this, delivering a wide range of courses across a multitude of disciplines. As they are a campus of Monash University, all staff and students are part of a global academy with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Source: Monash University Malaysia

Courses are accredited both in Malaysia and Australia, opening a wealth of international opportunities for students following graduation. They also provide the option of enrolling in a full course or, if you prefer, just for a semester or two under their study abroad and exchange options.


Curtin is a truly global university, with campuses located in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. The institution offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, meaning students can choose to study at either one of these global campuses, or attend their main campus in Perth, Western Australia.

Given the global and diverse nature of the university, Curtin makes sure students are supported and encouraged to take control of their own learning with an enduring sense of belonging, autonomy and strength. This is particularly true in their support of indigenous students of which Curtin proudly has a thriving community.

Both financial and study-related resources and support services are made available to assist with the constraints university life can sometimes have on day-to-day living. Scholarships, private tutoring, and enabling courses are all on offer to ensure all ambitious and intelligent people get a fair shot regardless of their background.

Source: Curtin University

With Australia’s third largest international student population, Curtin has managed to make their vibrant campuses feel like a welcoming slice of home. Full of inclusive spaces that value diversity and difference, the institution has a strong commitment to social justice, and fosters a forward-thinking culture for students, staff and the wider community.


TAFE Queensland Brisbane offers Queensland’s largest range of flexible learning options, relevant to any number of interests or careers, making education accessible to all those with the initiative and determination to take the leap.

The school caters to everyone from high school leavers wanting to boost their qualifications to get in to their dream university; people who want to change career path and are looking for new skills; to prospective university students wanting to acquire a first-rate degree from a world-renowned university. TAFE operates a partnership with the University of Canberra allowing higher education students to graduate with a prestigious university degree, as well as the hands-on skills of a TAFE qualification.

The practicality of TAFE melded with the more theoretical side means students get the best of both worlds in one degree. This practical approach to learning means smaller class sizes, allowing lecturers and teachers to interact with their students directly and meaning if you ever have a problem, there is always someone on-hand to call and get some support.

All of this proactive training is done on cutting-edge technology aimed at giving you the best possible start in your chosen field. Across Creative ArtsDentistryEngineering and Information Technology, TAFE’s learning spaces are at the forefront of new technology, offering students the benefit of learning on industry leading equipment.

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