5 diverse APAC Universities in heart-stirring locations

The world-class education that comes hand-in-hand with international study is reason enough to explore myriad overseas opportunities. On top of enhancing your employable expertise, studying abroad places you in the best university for your chosen discipline, presenting a host of options you may not have been able to access from the comforts of your home.

But entry to a first-rate institution is not the only draw of the overseas study experience; it also provides a unique chance to see the world, to experience new countries, and opens your eyes to new outlooks, customs and activities. New locations can also expose you to natural wonders of the world, as well as local museums, cultural landmarks and of course, beautiful landscapes.

For many international students, leaving for university is likely to be the first time they will have spent a significant period away from their home country. Here, you will be faced with a new way of life and unique cultural perspectives, improving your understanding of the world and the people residing within it.


The transferrable skills that you gain from exploring brand-new nations will not only expand your sense of self, but also your career horizons and marketability in an increasingly globalised world. It sends the message to employers that you like to challenge yourself by exploring new opportunities, and that you adapt well when thrust into new situations.

Embracing the culture also reflects your ability to adopt a whole new outlook, which proves invaluable in the fast-paced business world, and makes you incredibly appealing to companies striving to enter the market of your host institution.

Throughout the incredibly varied regions of the Asia-Pacific (APAC), there are many outstanding study abroad options that allow you to embrace the diversity and dynamic development taking place in this thriving part of the world.

International students are flocking to APAC universities to capitalise on their academic excellence, incredible beauty and culture, and diverse student base.

Here are 5 universities embracing diversity in heart-stirring locations…



At Curtin University, you’re guaranteed to receive a truly global education experience. The University attracts students and scholars from all over the world and collaborates with leading institutions globally.

With campuses based in Perth, Western Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai, Curtin gives many international students the freedom to receive a world-class, accredited education that’s much closer to home. It also gives potential students the chance to choose the environment best for them, from the ancient jungles of Sarawak to the bustling business hub of downtown Singapore.

Of the more than 52,000 Curtin students, almost 16,000 come from countries other than Australia. , hailing from over 130 countries worldwide, and making CU a truly international student community. This diverse multiculturalism gives the university its global focus and inclusive outlook.

CU’s impressive links with industry leaders, business and the broader community enhance the learning process and present opportunities for work-integrated learning, collaborative research and industry engagement. This interactive approach to learning, as well as the all-round student experience, earned them a five-star rating from QS Top Universities 2017.



South Korea’s first national university makes diversity central to its ethos and experience. With a strong commitment to diversifying its student Faculty and body, SNU fosters global exchange and welcomes people from all corners of the globe to its Seoul-based campus.

There is a rich history at SNU, having been founded in 1895. Since then, the School has become an integral part of Seoul and Korea’s fascinating and often tumultuous story. Its resilience in the face of war and hostilities has driven its resolve to expand its message of education to the world, making it the ninth-best university in Asia according to THE, and 35th best in the world in the QS Top Universities ranking.

After a long history of defending democracy and peace, SNU is committed to a future that fosters global-mindedness in its students.

“Now, more than ever, Seoul National University recognizes its responsibility to go beyond the boundaries of academia and be part of society, the nation and the world,” says SNU President, Sung Nak-in.



The Malaysian campus of this internationally-recognised Australian university is an exemplar of transnational education. Ranked in the top one percent of universities worldwide, Monash’s Malaysia campus is based in the bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Not only will you get the opportunity to explore the pristine beaches and lush rainforests of one of Asia’s most stunning countries, but you will be contributing towards making the region better through your research and studies at this multicultural, multinational institution.

The University hosts multidisciplinary research platforms in five key areas, each of which are strategic to the development of Malaysia and the region. The areas are also aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Pillars of research include Tropical Medicine and BiologyAdvanced Engineering, Global Asia in the 21st Century, Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway (BRIMS), and a multidisciplinary health and demographic surveillance site, the South East Asian Community Observatory (SEACO).



International students from across the globe flock to AUT to experience the innovative and student-centred environment of New Zealand’s second-biggest University. Times Higher Education ranked AUT top in Australia and New Zealand for its globall outlook based on its ability to attract international students and staff, as well as how well they collaborate and engage with overseas universities.

The 4,000 international students from more than 95 countries fit in perfectly in multicultural Auckland. The city is ranked third-best city in the world to live due to its clean air, beautiful beaches, its vibrant and busy centre, and the friendly locals.

From here, you can also explore the stunning landscape and rich culture of New Zealand, famed for its Maori heritage and towering snow-capped mountains.



Located in the hub of one of the world’s most rapidly-developing regions, where better to learn about business and world economics than SMU? The metropolis of Singapore provides the perfect backdrop to SMU’s excellent research and teaching that falls in line with industry’s most pressing needs.

SMU has taken full advantage of this location,  capitalising on links with industry and business to enrich the delivery of teaching objectives, all the while enhancing the overall learning experience for both native and non-native students.

“SMU has fostered strong linkages with business and industry, delivering relevant and impactful research, and exposing students to real world learning,” says SMU Provost Professor Lily Kong. “It is also continuously expanding its international network, by forging new and closer links with partners all over the world.”

International students play an important role in contributing to the diverse character of SMU, while being whole-heartedly recognised for their role in the broad intercultural experience and SMU’s holistic understanding of what it means to thrive in a global environment.

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