5 global locations offering a sensational student experience

If you’re trawling through prospectuses, scanning university websites and clogging google search with questions regarding your studies overseas, there’s one crucial statement you should really bear in mind: student years are the best years of your life, and one thing we know for certain is you can never get them back.

It’s common sense that university is first-and-foremost about getting an education, but as a young, open-minded and jet-setting student, you need to do everything you can to make every second count. Aside from receiving your world-class degree, you should be living life; making memories; and above all having fun.

Of course, this all begins with a detailed university search. This is your chance to experience a new continent, a new country, and a new and exciting culture. Are you looking for sun-kissed beaches and golden shores to recuperate outside of the classroom? How about killing time strolling round historic monuments to reflect on days of old? Or would you much rather let loose on rocky mountain trails, climbing to the peak for great views and even greater thrills?

It’s time to identify the things that ‘make you tick’, so to speak, so your global university experience is truly unforgettable. It’s your job to make sure this period, no matter how long it is, really is the best time of your life. After all, studying abroad is an important decision and a big commitment, so you may as well make it worthwhile!

To take a little pressure off your study abroad search, we’ve identified some world-leading universities in 5 locations that are guaranteed to provide a sensational student experience:


Image courtesy of Visit Melbourne.

Melbourne is widely considered Australia’s cultural capital, a trend-setting hub of artistic brilliance with a cosmopolitan vibe. Consistently voted the world’s most liveable city out of 140 popular global metropoles, the Melbourne reputation is one that speaks for itself.

The city’s streets are lined with edgy graffiti murals, each one a vibrant splurge of colour telling a unique urban story. The venues reverberate with that exclusive Melbourne sound, riffs and rhythms rife with spirit and personality. The atmosphere sings with aromas from all four corners of the globe, with Melbourne’s gourmet palette transcending cultures and borders. All of these factors – and so many more – add up to make Melbourne one of the world’s premier student destinations.

Image courtesy of La Trobe University.


With its whole-hearted commitment to each individual student and unparalleled enthusiasm for making a tangible difference, La Trobe is widely recognised as one of the top three universities in Victoria, one of the top dozen in Australia, and one of the top 500 on an international scale.

The La Trobe student experience is unlike any other, with a diverse portfolio of programs and activities specifically catered to the international student population, and as a school that understands the difficulties attached to integrating with a brand new country and culture, there is a club to suit every international applicant and help them feel at home. There’s the Chinese Students and Scholars Association for example, or the Bahasa Indonesian Students’ Association, the Hakama Nakama Japanese Culture Club, the Indian Students’ Club or the Sikh Wave Society. And for students who love the Great Outdoors, La Trobe is the perfect fit, with a picturesque bush setting where you can take a peaceful breather from the city buzz as you try to catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s famous wildlife.


Image courtesy of Visit Stockton.

Stockton represents the county seat of San Joaquin County, set at the northern tip of sunny California. As the state’s 13th-largest city, Stockton boasts a lively spirit with an almost town-like charm. This makes it the perfect study abroad location for those who like to keep themselves busy, but would still like to get involved in a community without feeling overwhelmed.

Image courtesy of The University of The Pacific.


The University of the Pacific is a nationally ranked university, home to seven prestigious schools and colleges with more than 80 programs of study. With a diverse student body representing 30 different countries, the University of the Pacific welcomes students from all walks of life with warm and open arms.

With concerts featuring chart-topping artists, 14 intramural sports clubs, a 32′ tall rock-climbing tower, more than 150 student clubs and community outreach opportunities, campus life at Pacific will complement and enrich your academic and professional studies. With so many activities to choose from, students of the University of the Pacific can tailor their university experience to their own specific needs.


Image courtesy of aucklandnz.com.

Home to bespoke shops and restaurants, dazzling beaches and beautiful, bustling harbours, the cultured city of Auckland is the largest Polynesian settlement of the modern world. Auckland’s Sky Tower – a must-see for visitors to the region – is the tallest free-structure in the Southern Hemisphere, offering breath-taking views as you look down on the city from a brand-new height and perspective.

Image courtesy of Auckland University of Technology.


AUT is a contemporary institution focused on providing exceptional student opportunities and learning experiences. Staff are entirely committed to graduate success in a context stimulated by impactful research and industry connectivity.

There are many ways for students to get involved with the AUT community, offering the chance to create lifelong bonds and memories with like-minded peers. AUT also runs a wide range of student-led events throughout the year so get involved, be social, meet more people and have fun alongside your studies!


Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Located in the heart of British Columbia, a mere 15-minutes from downtown Vancouver, Burnaby is a stimulating stomping ground for any keen student traveller. From the commercial hype of the Metrotown shopping precinct, to the artistic sophistication of the Michael J. Fox Theater, to the winding trails of its various parks and forests and beyond, Burnaby is one of Canada’s most underrated cities that never ceases to amaze.

Image courtesy of Simon Fraser University.


In the place where innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach intersect, you’ll find Simon Fraser University, Canada’s most prominent university with vibrant campuses located in British Columbia’s largest municipalities.

SFU’s cultural portfolio covers visual art, theatre, music, film, dance and literary arts, making it the ideal academic muse for students with a creative edge. From lively festivals and exhibitions to plays and poetry readings, SFU’s arts and culture offerings are fresh, fierce, often free, and always something to remember.


Image courtesy of StudyPerth.

Renowned for its friendly vibe and intrinsically laid-back attitude, Perth’s unique blend of big-city amenities and al fresco lifestyle makes it an incredibly attractive region for students all over the globe. From its funky bars to its amazing beaches and impressively pristine parklands, Perth presents an unparalleled quality of life, the likes of which you’d be hard-pushed to find anywhere else in the world.

Image courtesy of StudyPerth.


…Okay…so maybe this one’s cheating a bit, but as a centre of culture and education, there are so many universities to choose from in Perth! Instead, we thought we’d connect you with StudyPerth, the first point of contact for anyone looking to get their hands on information regarding studying and living in Perth. With close ties to five of the state’s world-class universities, including Curtin University, the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and the University of Notre Dame Australia (as well as a whole host of colleges, schools and English language institutions) StudyPerth is the ultimate study abroad tool for students seeking an unparalleled experience alongside university prestige.

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