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It is often said that the best days of our lives are spent in university.

You’re in the prime of life, full of energy and raring for new experiences. At every juncture, there’s something new and exciting to learn and with each day that passes, you’re one step closer to realising your ambitions.

New friendships are forged daily, and your social and academic calendars are bursting with activity. There’s just so much to take in and do, from campus life to sports, to exploring an entirely new city with an entirely new posse.

It’s a journey of learning that is second to none, and only experienced at universities that get it just right.

In the East Coast, that university is the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

Source: UNH

From impressive academics to vibrant residential halls, an incredibly central location and unique community spirit, UNH has it all. Its list of awards and accolades include its ranking as 58th among the nation’s best undergraduate business schools by Poets&Quants, 46th among Top Public Schools in US News & World Report, one of the top 10 safest college campuses nationwide on 2018’s list and its listing on The Princeton Review’s Green College Honor Roll.

These make UNH a big draw not just for local students, but from those coming from diverse interests and backgrounds.

And this exciting journey begins as soon as one moves in. In Wildcat County, life is comfortable, safe, convenient and a whole lot of fun at the more than 20 available residence halls. There are even themed halls, such as Haaland Hall for Environmental Sustainability Learning, International Connections or Making the Grade, all of which offer common interests for all residents within that community.

“Housing offers a bunch of different types of rooms. We have singles, doubles, triples, quads and built-up triples and suites. We also have apartments. All the dorms have kitchens [where] you can always go there and cook your favorite meal with your friends,” said Rezwan Ali (class of 2019), who lives in Scott Hall.

Not much of a chef? No problem. There are several top-rated dining options available on campus. In Philbrook, there’s the famous clam linguine. In quieter Stillings, students love the salad bar. In central Holloway Commons, or ‘HoCo’ as it’s fondly known, options run aplenty in the newly renovated space.

“UNH dining is definitely top 20 in the nation for a reason,” said a student.

Superstar college sports scene

Loads of non-varsity competitive play are available too. UNH offers intramural sports which occur on campus for around four weeks, followed by playoffs. It’s a great opportunity to stay active year-round with 12 different leagues of sports and 17 tournaments to take part in, including soccer, flag football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and softball.

Meanwhile, club sports are student-run organisations recognised by the university that are offered on recreational, instructional and/or competitive levels. From archery to baseball to dance, students get to compete against other colleges and universities while promoting learning and developing leadership skills.

Source: UNH

At Hamel Rec Center, over 18,000 sq ft of fitness space is dedicated to facilities like a 850 sq ft bouldering wall, three wood floor courts, two racquetball courts, two studios, one international squash court, one multi-activity court, renovated locker rooms with saunas and many more.

At the heart of the campus lies the Memorial Union Building, often referred to as MUB, which is also home to UNH’s student union. On the third floor, students get to enjoy movie nights at two movie theaters that run from Thursdays to Sundays. Not too far away is the Granite State Room, the largest non- athletic convertible space on campus, where banquets, events, concerts, fairs and ceremonies are held at. As one student puts it:

“This is the hotspot for Wildcats to be. Whether it’s to grab lunch, seeing a live performance, or just getting some work done, there’s always something to do at Union Court.”

A 20-mile radius of fun

UNH students love the fact that the campus is in the middle of everywhere. Within a 20-mile radius of the heart of campus, there are options to keep students busy all year round.

For the adventurous, take the Wildcat shuttle system and head to the town of Durham and its 800 acres of conservation land, most of which is covered with trails through forests and fields and along rivers, streams and a gigantic bay.

For the gourmet-loving foodie, delectable lobster rolls, lobster omelets, lobster benedict and lobster nachos dishes are just a short drive away at Kittery Point and Dover Point. For the culture enthusiast, there’s something to watch, listen to or dance to seven days and nights a week around UNH too.

Source: UNH

Students could also venture a little further to another state using the Amtrak Downeaster Train Station located right on campus, which makes Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts just a train ride away. The Atlantic Ocean is in close proximity, as is the White Mountain Region for those who enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

With all the above, it’s understandable why graduates of the class of 2018 find it really hard to pinpoint to just one thing they will miss most at UNH. There are too many or as Business Administration & Accounting major Alexys Gilcreast says: “Everything”.

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