Inside the experiential journey of UNH Graduate School students
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Inside the experiential journey of UNH Graduate School students

Forward-looking, career-centric, and teeming with opportunities — these are the hallmarks of an education at the University of New Hampshire.

More than 100 programmes at the master’s, certificate, and doctorate levels across three campuses and online provide students with industry expertise and the 21st-century skillset they need to succeed in today’s fields.

At this R1 public university — a status awarded to only the top research institutions — students can apply cutting-edge research methods to solve real-world problems and have abundant opportunities to engage with a diverse array of faculty, facilities, and resources. The result? They emerge as well-rounded, innovative graduates poised to make meaningful contributions to their fields and society.

To gain a more profound insight into what UNH has to offer, hear from the graduate students themselves:

Srijani Edara, MS in Information Technology

When Srijani Edara was working in India, she had no intention of pursuing a master’s degree. Today, she is a MS in Information Technology student at UNH and loving every second of it. So, what changed?

“At the time, I was enjoying my job as a Java software developer and wondered why I shouldn’t try something new,” Edara says. “I then made the choice to give it a shot and apply to UNH because I liked the programme’s curriculum, which was distinct from the work I was doing at the time.”

Through coursework and hands-on projects, she’s gained invaluable knowledge and skills. “I’ve learned the importance of effective teamwork, emphasising clear communication, constructive feedback, and personal growth,” says Edara. “I now embrace feedback from peers and mentors as a tool for professional and personal development.”

Bienfait Polepole Barabara, MA in Community Development

Bienfait Polepole Barabara used to be a banker in the Democratic Republic of Congo before he saw how economics and laws were influencing the development of his country. Realising his calling, he switched his aspirations to work with international organisations contributing to global development instead. A chance encounter with Sanjeev Sharma, Program Manager of UNH’s MA in Community Development, and the fascinating conversation that followed convinced Barabara that UNH is a crucial next step to realise his professional goals.

Source: UNH Graduate School

Since joining the programme, he’s realised that while the school has many books, websites, and programmes, it is its people who are its greatest resource. Learning by doing is only impactful when it’s led by the right people. “During the Organisational Management course, my teacher William connected me to the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire,” Barabara says. “This was a good opportunity to learn more about world conflict resolution, American foreign policy, working in conflict zones and more.”

In his project management class, Barabara explored ways to create employment opportunities for the people of Munigi village near the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “I asked my friend Hussein Awazi to interview the provincial labour line minister to get his input on the subject and lay some groundwork for the future as this is something I intend to actually do,” he says. “I am receiving all the support I need from my professors. They are always available for me when I’m facing any academic challenge.”

Swarnalatha Anugu, MS in Information Technology

Swarnalatha Anugu chose the university for its strong reputation in providing practical, real-world opportunities and its location in the heart of the state’s tech, corporate and financial activity.

During her time at UNH, she seized several openings that would add value to her degree. “As a class assistant, I’ve worked closely with faculty, aiding in classroom activities and grading assignments,” Anugu says. “This enhanced my communication, leadership skills, and deepened my subject knowledge. Simultaneously, my role as a graduate student worker provided valuable exposure to practical applications.”

These experiences have positively impacted her academic and professional development, providing her with valuable real-world insights and skills. “The university emphasises the importance of practical learning, encouraging students to participate in research projects, internships, and co-op programmes,” Anugu says.

UNH’s rich resources and mentorship programmes facilitated Anugu’s academic evolution from a foundational stage to an advanced level. UNH’s varied professional development opportunities provided guidance on internships, resume building, and career development.

“I was fortunate to find mentors among the faculty who offered invaluable insights and advice, shaping my academic and professional path,” Anugu says.

Pegah Karimi, MS in Business Analytics

For Pegah Karimi, her MS in Business Analytics stood out for two reasons. “This was a robust programme filled with technology, statistics, mathematics, and analytical tools – and the people here really care.”

Source: UNH Graduate School

Here, Karimi learned about tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Python programming, R programming and various statistical techniques. It was all new to her as she’s never worked with her before. But thanks to how well-designed the MS was and how well-thought-out the course sequence and materials were, she thrived — both as a student and as a graduate assistant.

“Activities at the Centre for Business Analytics are very aligned to what I have learned in the MSBA programme and provide me with multiple opportunities to apply what I have learned in class to real-life business problems and projects,” she says. “It has been an invaluable experience for me.”

Vaishali Shroff, MS in Finance

An MS in Finance from UNH can expand your professional horizons — just like it did for Vaishali Shroff. She is now a staff accountant in the Mergers & Acquisitions department at Rarebreed Veterinary Partners. “UNH has excellent infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, and the Bloomberg Terminals, which helps students do intense research and project reports,” she says. “It is also accessible to cities like Boston and New York, which opens abundant job opportunities.”

With experience in corporate business law, Shroff wanted to advance her knowledge in finance to help businesses make more informed decisions. At UNH, she found the programme “very well structured and helps students gain as much knowledge and techniques necessary to survive in the competitive corporate world.”

She even gained some Python know-how. “I realised how the power of technology is changing the world of finance. This course also made me realise that one need not have in-depth engineering experience or a degree to learn a new language,” she says. “It is one of the easiest computer languages that is making a greater impact in today’s fast growing world. I am really excited to use this knowledge in the real world.”

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