Indonesian student group conquers sixth of Seven Summits challenge
Mt Everest is the final mountain on the list. Source: Daniel Prudek/Shutterstock

An Indonesian student has climbed Antarctica’s highest peak Vinson Massif, ticking off the sixth out of seven mountains as part of the global Seven Summits mountaineering challenge.

On Sunday, Dedi Satria successfully reached the peak of Vinson Massif, which towers 4,897m above the frozen continent of Antarctica.

Dedi was representing Mapala UI, the nature society from the University of Indonesia (UI), having previously climbed Indonesia’s tallest peak Puncak Jaya and Mt Elbrus in Russia in 2016, reported the Jakarta Post.

In February 2017, Dedi climbed Argentina’s highest mountain, Aconcagua.

The student association was founded at Indonesia’s most prestigious university in 1964 with the aim of providing a forum through which UI students could work to get into nature, contribute to the community, and care for the environment.

Mapala UI began the Seven Summits challenge in 1972, completing the climb of Africa’s Mt Kilimanjoro in Africa in 1983, Mt McKinley in the US in 1989, Europe’s Mt Elbrus in 1990 and Mt Aconcagua in South America in 1994.

The Seven Summits challenge requires climbing the highest peak on every continent. Source: ValentinaKru/Shutterstock

“Finally, we were able to reach the sixth peak in the series of the Seven Summits, [which was] the peak in the coldest continent,” Mapala UI spokesman Ade Wahyudi in a statement.

The final mountain left for Mapala UI climbers to conquer is Mt Everest in the Himalayas – the tallest peak on earth.

The first person to complete the Seven Summits challenge was American businessman Richard Bass in 1985. To date, only 13 people have climbed all of the peaks.

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