360 students do record-breaking climb on Sydney Harbour Bridge
A supplied photo shows the Sydney Opera House behind some of the 360 university students from Canada and China as they stand atop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to set a new record for the most number of people standing on the bridge arc at one time, in Sydney, Australia, November 30, 2017. Source: Bridgeclimb/Handout via Reuters

Known for its beaches, great multicultural food and year-round comfy weather, Sydney is a fabulous place to study abroad.

It also boasts a gleaming harbour to boot. One group of students last month took advance of this in the best possible way, by doing a record-breaking climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Bridgeclimb

Source: Bridgeclimb

Members of the student-led non-profit the Heart Chorus Association International (HCAI) and facilitated by BridgeClimb, some 360 climbers from Canada and China held flags along the eastern arch of the so-called “Coathanger” on Nov 30.

They sought to break the record of the most people standing on the bridge at one time.

Source: Bridgeclimb

“We’re exhilarated to be standing on top of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge taking in the magnificent view of our host country and celebrating this amazing accomplishment,” HCAI founder Eva Wong said. HCAI.

The organisation works with young leaders, focusing on fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Source: Bridgeclimb

“Not only do we stand here, on top of the world, as the new record-holding group of 360 climbers, but also we are flying flags representing United Nation’s key Sustainable Development Goals, which are key to our international development initiatives,” Wong said.

Source: Bridgeclimb

The 360-strong group climbed 1,000 steps towards the summit, which sits 134m above Sydney Harbour.

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