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There are many reasons why you may choose to take up the study of English. It could be to prepare for academic study, to improve your English in the workplace and/or everyday situations or for the simple pleasure of taking up a new language. For whatever reason you wish to study English, it’s undeniable that mastering the English language can act as a gateway into higher-paying jobs, increased opportunities and more.

If you are looking to improve your English, Brunel Language Centre is well-prepared to help you with this. Part of Brunel University London, Brunel Language Centre is widely acknowledged as one of the top language centres in the UK. It enjoys “Centre of Excellence” status by the English Language Gazette, putting it as one of the top centres of its kind in the UK. It is also accredited by the British Council for its top-quality English courses.

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Echoing this are its students. “The Brunel Language Centre course helped me learn more about the British education system in a short period of time,” says Alvis Sun. “On top of that, there were many opportunities for group work in our classes, which helped me communicate with my classmates in my programme more confidently. Our teacher would point out any problems and recommend the skills we should work on,” adds Sun. My teacher sent me some websites and audio recordings, which really helped.”

Over 10 years of experience has allowed Brunel Language Centre to develop a range of engaging, interactive courses suited to international students, working professionals, and those who want to improve their English for their own satisfaction. You can choose to study either face-to-face or online.

A popular programme is the Summer Courses for Professionals programme, which gives you the option to study English from one week or more in July/August in the UK or in your own home country. The programme is designed to guide you through whichever area of English you wish to improve, ranging from working on your everyday English or the English language skills you may need in a working environment, such as for presentations, meetings and negotiations.

The course can be tailored according to your needs: you can choose to study either 15 or 25 hours a week for anything up to 8 weeks. Choose to study in a small group of like-minded people from across the globe or enjoy exclusive one-to-one training.

Anyone over the age of 18 and of any profession can join. All you need to do is complete an application form.

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Learn from professional, highly-qualified English language tutors. Source: Brunel University London

In addition to the summer courses,  you can choose the English@Brunel programme, which covers English for general, academic, or professional purposes. Courses run for 7 weeks or more during the months of September to May. Classes are limited to a maximum of 14 students, allowing for opportunities to directly engage with Brunel’s host of professional, highly-qualified tutors. This means that you will receive the advice and guidance you need to really improve your language usage. “Now I feel that I have a large bank of words, which not only helps me read academic articles, but watch English TV programmes, too,” says Chinese student Qian Jeong.

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English language courses are supplemented by trips across London. Source: Brunel University London

Brunel Language Centre programmes also provide students with stimulating and informative trips across the UK as well as visits from guest speakers, allowing for first-hand exposure and immersion into British culture. With Brunel, students have visited television media centres, magistrate courts, and theatres.

If you are looking for more personalised English classes, we can arrange individual tuition, where you will receive one-to-one training in whatever area you wish to improve. Sessions are informative, engaging and fully interactive. You can be part of these dynamic classes by applying here.

There are also options for students who are new to the language. Our Online English for Beginners course runs for 10 to 11 weeks. In this short time, many international students are able to reach a high enough level to join one of Brunel’s General, Professional or Academic English programmes. If you are interested, you can join by clicking here.

We also offer our popular  pre-sessional English course, which provides intensive training to prepare students to navigate an English-taught academic programme at university.

“The teachers gave us examples and exercises to improve our research skills,” shares Samar Sawadi, a student from Saudi Arabia. “With these skills, I feel more confident to face the challenges of my Master’s degree.”

The course is a great tool to gain more confidence in academic study, from research skills to learning how to effectively communicate in the classroom. “The writing and presentation skills I learnt helped me integrate into my Master’s programme more quickly,” says Ling.. She is currently pursuing the MA Education programme at Brunel. “These sessions taught me how to enhance my academic and critical analysis skills,” shares Nikoloas Chintzis, a BSc Law student at Brunel. “This helped me achieve high marks in my exams and assignments.”

The greatest takeaway from these lessons, however, is the chance to interact with like-minded students across Brunel’s close-knit, friendly, and helpful network of students and faculty members. “I really like being part of the Brunel community,” says Jeong. “The students are from different cultures and different parts of the world.”

“It’s been great to meet international students from this course and make friends from all over the world,” agrees Sawadi.

If you are interested in studying English for Academic Purposes online or in the UK at Brunel Language Centre, click here to apply.

Nestled just 40 minutes away from central London, Brunel is a campus-based university that offers the perfect blend of city and campus life. A research-led university, Brunel offers a wide range of degree programmes, from anthropology to aerospace engineering. Students enjoy the university’s state-of-the-art teaching and sports facilities, an impressive library, hotel and student accommodation, and a variety of shops, cafes, bars, and canteens.

For an overview of Brunel Language Centre programmes, you can attend one of Brunel Language Centre’s webinars. Visit Brunel Language Centre for more information on the available courses and campus life.

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