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How to fund your EMBA at IMD

An Executive MBA (EMBA) is an impactful learning experience that has advanced many careers. Choosing IMD for this qualification ensures you’ll achieve that – plus a whole lot more. You will develop as a leader, learn from international faculty, participate in first-hand experiences in various locations, grow a powerful executive network, and accelerate your climb up the corporate ladder. It does help that the institution has been ranked in the top five of the Financial Times Executive Education Global Ranking for more than 15 consecutive years and has been #2 in the world for open enrollment programs in 2022.

If you plan to get your company to sponsor your EMBA, these are the facts that will help you build a solid business case. The first thing to do would be to outline your business’s needs. A detailed analysis of what’s in it for them is key. What are the key challenges, changes, and predicted trends in your sector and workplace? What needs or issues are you hoping to solve?

Some examples include entering new markets and territories, changes in the regulatory environment, utilizing tools and frameworks for informed decision-making , maintaining, sustaining, or growing positions, or building upon technical expertise to lead teams as a general manager. It is from here that you can create an effective list of how an EMBA from IMD can help your employer solve these issues.

Flexibility and immediately applicable assignments: more good reasons to fund your EMBA at IMD

IMD’s EMBA has between five and seven intakes spread throughout the year, and its flexible program means you can have it fast-tracked to 15 months or spread it over a longer period. The program is made up of online learning and seven face-to-face modules. You would only spend a total of seven and a half or nine weeks out of office, but the wealth of knowledge you will gain for yourself, and your company, is immeasurable. As you would be applying these newly acquired skills to your workplace, your employer stands to benefit in many ways.

After his EMBA, Luca Allaria became a marketing director for Endologix, Inc. in Switzerland. In this role, he ensured that the product line he was responsible for met its objectives. “I believe that the improved vision the EMBA gave me helped in putting all the pieces together and enhanced my ability to enable people from different departments to work more efficiently together,” he says. “The program also opened multiple doors in terms of possibilities and my self-awareness.”

At IMD, EMBA candidates review their past performance and career goals. With guidance, the company and student evaluate current skills and identify weaknesses, gaps, and potential. This helps with your growth and pinpoints exactly what you need to improve. Another added benefit to the business is that candidates can share what they have learned in-house by holding workshops, organizing special interest groups on a specific topic, training new colleagues, or becoming the “go-to person” on an emerging trend.

Focusing on general management, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and globalization, there is a high return on investment for an EMBA from IMD for employers. Assignments are curated to individual goals, which translates to effective problem-solving for their company, affecting their bottom line and making it more competitive and effective.

There are 10 interrelated, real-world EMBA assignments for this program. Five are company-specific, where your employer helps define the topic for developing a fully-fledged business proposal, strategy, or execution plan. The one leadership assignment is where the candidate gets one-on-one coaching. There are also four team-related assignments, three of which are discovery expeditions where teams collaborate on a contemporary project with local companies and experts. “This was a significant part of my learning,” says Allaria. “Going through an intense experience together also made us work better in teams and handle stressful deadlines more efficiently.”

He found the company assignments to be very useful for his business. “With this knowledge, I was able to better analyze the business reality when my employer went through an integration,” he says. “As for finance, I apply those concepts every single day, overseeing profit and loss. The leadership assignments taught me to navigate politics and to reflect on myself and on what I want.”

By investing in your EMBA, your employer will retain one of their best people and foster loyalty. They’re set to encourage greater motivation among high-potential employees and future leaders. There is also the added bonus of creating a deep relationship with IMD. As the faculty has been working with and for the industry for decades, they have a seemingly endless list of contacts that can be advantageous to you and your company.

IMD’s EMBA program distinguishes itself as a strategic investment for senior management professionals, offering substantial long-term benefits. A prominent feature of the program is that an impressive 15% of its participants, on average, are board members in their respective companies, a figure that continues to grow. This indicates the program’s appeal to high-level executives and leaders who are key decision-makers in their organizations.

Complementing this is the extensive IMD alumni network, which encompasses over 130,000 members globally. This network is invaluable for continuous professional development and offers a vast array of opportunities for industry collaboration and career advancement.

The presence of such a significant proportion of board members in the cohort enhances the learning experience, as participants engage with peers who bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives. This environment fosters an enriching exchange of ideas and strategies, directly applicable to the participants’ professional roles.

The IMD EMBA, therefore, represents more than just an educational journey; it’s a pathway to enhanced career trajectories and expanded professional networks. The combination of advanced skills development, a high-caliber peer group, and a robust alumni network underscores the program’s substantial value, making it a wise investment for those looking to elevate their influence and leadership in the global business arena.

To assist with your application, the school’s EMBA Finance Advisor is open to discussing funding and the program further.

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Independent IMD EMBA Reviews

Mohammed Farahneh, Group Vice President, ABB, EMBA Graduate, 2023

“Discovery expeditions gave me valuable insights into diverse business practices. The program offered me the opportunity to interact with people outside my domain. Such insights helped me question and reassess practices within my organisation, challenging my biases and assumptions.”

Thais Torres Carpendo, Deputy CEO, Votorantim Cimentos, EMBA Graduate, 2023

”From the classrooms of IMD to the corporate boardrooms, the lessons from my EMBA continue to guide my decisions. It’s not just about solving problems – it’s about understanding that behind every challenge lies an opportunity for innovation and growth.”

Zoë Falquet, Sustainability Manager, International Petroleum Corp, EMBA Graduate, 2023

”It’s a privilege to learn from unique and inspiring IMD professors. We travelled the world to meet entrepreneurs, corporates, and NGOs. And the 55 amazing people in my cohort – all incredible individuals who have become true allies.”