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How the University of Luxembourg gets you closer to your career goals

With the rise of technology like generative AI and companies under increasing pressure to 

operate more efficiently, the competition for jobs is getting more intense. Fresh graduates need all the support and resources they can get for a smooth transition from campus to their chosen careers.

The University of Luxembourg ( Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance understands this best. That is why it offers its students keen insight and an invaluable headstart to their professional futures. 

Faculty member Nadège Meyer-Hamy’s role revolves around providing academic, internship and career counselling, as well as job market advice to approximately 400 students annually. True to’s commitment to supporting students, Meyer-Hamy’s services often extend beyond just talk.

“It’s more personal than simply informing the students about open positions and putting them into contact with potential employers,” she explains. “First, I get to know the student with a face-to-face meeting where we discuss their professional goals and what they hope to accomplish during their internship. Only after gaining a deeper understanding of the student’s project do we proceed to employer matching.”

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University of Luxembourg offers an environment that is as inspiring as it is motivating. Source: University of Luxembourg

The faculty’s services have evolved with time to meet the changing needs and expectations of its students. Meyer-Hamy notes that today’s students are more discerning when it comes to choosing their internship or first job, seeking positions that specifically align with their level and area of education. They aim to apply the knowledge they have gained but also want to be challenged. 

With information in abundance today, they turn to their University for help in navigating a complex employment landscape. The goal is to identify what is relevant to their specific needs — and this is why’s services have become more personalised and focused on understanding each student’s objectives.

“One of the major advantages is the close link between the University and the Luxembourg job market,” Meyer-Hamy says. “Many of the instructors in our study programmes are professionals within fields of business or law. We also foster partnerships with local and international organisations, which translate into internship and career opportunities for our students.”

For instance, Kingsley — a recruitment company specialising in sourcing finance, wealth management, and legal profiles — regularly provides students with free workshops on crafting attractive CVs, writing compelling cover letters and conducting mock job interviews. The University’s Career Centre also plays a pivotal role in boosting employability for both students and graduates as well — explore their services here

A university that cares

The theme of support persists throughout each student’s journey. Anamika Das from India knows this well. In 2020, her husband’s job relocated them both to Luxembourg. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that came with it compelled her to dedicate her free time to networking and researching everything there was to know about her new environment. Then, a friend with similar interests who was also a graduate introduced Anamika to the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance’s Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

“The possibility of getting introduced to European entrepreneurship culture, infrastructure/opportunities supported by the Luxembourg government (among others, the Chamber of Commerce), meeting like-minded people and developing the much-needed skill sets to succeed in executing an entrepreneurial venture got me excited,” she says. 

Of course, it had its fair set of challenges. While excited, she was understandably nervous. However, her worries dissipated the second she realised how diverse the community she joined was. “My first day at the faculty turned out to be a delightful day of getting to know one another. Bringing up our cultures was a great way to start the conversation,” she says. 

The start of her course was a pleasant surprise, as well. Immediately, faculty members began offering their guidance, reiterating that the journey to academic excellence was one she didn’t have to navigate on her own. Adjunct Professor Marc Gloesener quickly shared his expansive network of Luxembourg-based connections when Daswas ready to begin looking for her first internship. He is well aware of the fact that in a small but mighty country, word-of-mouth matters. 

Meanwhile, Professor Mickaël Géraudel, the Study Programme director, was always available to help Anamika identify fresh opportunities to develop and grow. He never failed to provide significant support during difficult times, too.

“I am a better and more dedicated student because of his belief in me,” she says. “ has strived to provide us with the support and resources we need to prepare for our future careers. From career counselling services, networking opportunities, internships, and job fairs to industry-specific resources and information — I appreciate all the encouragement we receive. It helps to shorten the distance between us and our goals.” 

If your interest is piqued, click here to learn more about the programmes offered by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance. EU candidates can still apply for master’s programmes to join the faculty in September 2023. 

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