How #studygram boosts student motivation
Studygram accounts can help students learn new study tips. Source: @smartgirlstudy/Instagram

Social media normally gets a bad rep when it comes to students and studying. Many teachers and parents feel that online social platforms distract students from their studies, which is probably true in many cases.

But there are some ways social media can help students’ with their studies, keeping them motivated when used for the right purposes.

A popular Instagram hashtag, #studygram, has created a positive study community that connects Instagrammers looking to share their study journey through bullet journaling, diagrams, study tips, notes and so forth.

Here’s how #studygram can help you as a student, whether you create your own “studygrammer” account, follow others, or just like to look at posts with the #studygram hashtag.

Be part of a supportive community


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Whew! This first week of spring semester is over. . . My classes are great. I’m pretty nervous about my cell structure and function class. It’s a hard class- and we have to present journal figures every Tuesday or so. . . I don’t know about you, but I am not very comfortable presenting data- ESPECIALLY data that isn’t mine. . I have always felt really self conscious about presenting material, or sharing ideas in science courses. There always seems to be that over the top know it all person that interrupts you, or people that are intimidating, or people who act like they are smarter than you. . But here is the thing- to be able to succeed, you have to BELIEVE that you are smart, and that intelligence isn’t based on grades/marks- but how much effort you put in, and how much you learn. . Another thing that I’ve realized is that people don’t like to admit that they struggle- so it makes anyone who is struggling feel alone! . . One thing I struggle with is reading papers. I have to read them about 3 times… first, to highlight all the words I don’t know. Then, I look that shit up so I can actually understand what I’m reading. Then, I read the conclusion again- that way I can try to know what to take away from the paper. Then, I read it again to understand all the figures. . . . There you go! That’s my struggle- hopefully I learn and grow and do better at paper reading this semester! . . . . . . #studying #boba #studygram #study #planner #coffee #bulletjournal #studytime #student #studentlife #university #biology #college #organization #notes #pens #journal #uni #handwriting #universityofutah #studyblr #planneraddict #bujo #stationeryaddict #plannerlove #stationery #studyabroad #2019 #studymotivation #pastel

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Many societies have a tendency to mock or put down students who study hard and do all their homework. These are the people often known as ‘nerds’, ‘boffins’ or ‘geeks’.

For those who enjoy studying and take pride in note-taking, #studygram is a like-minded community that won’t shun you for being yourself: a hardworking student.

The #studygram community is incredibly positive and supportive. Studygrammers typically encourage others to share thoughts and tips in the comments, so you can feel part of an active community that supports studying and creative expression.

Many posts also discuss the struggles of staying motivated, finding time to study and exam stress. It can be comforting to know that even the best of students sometimes find it difficult, as well as to uncover what it is that keeps them going.

High school-ers thinking of pursuing their degree can also get some insight and advice on how rigorous a particular course is.

For example, on one of @emilystudies’ (a popular medical student studygrammer) posts about her notes, a high school student commented “Woah, science looks more complicated at uni!”, to which she replied “Yeah, it can be a bit much sometimes.”

The #studygram community is also diverse and international, with account locations ranging from Singapore to the Dominican Republic, so you can potentially make new friends from all over the world.

Get tips on how to be organised


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| fc 124 | – this past semester was my first semester in college and i really struggled with the speed of course progression. one thing that really helped me was writing every single due date down and making sure those due dates were where i could see them every day. i have a large dry erase white calendar over my desk for my monthly due dates, a planner so i can see the weekly due dates, and this notebook where i have all the due dates for each class easily accessible (this way i dont have to dig out a syllabus every time i need to know when somethings due). this is my number one key for college success: plan!! – tl;dr : what is your number one tip for school?? – #studybuddyposts #studygram #studying #school #highschool #college #university #collegestudent #nursingstudent #nursing #reading #study #books #stickynotes #organization #mildliners #highlighter #straedtler #straedtlerpens #markers #pens #color #todo #todolist #list #productivity #planning #calendar

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Many #studygram posts are photos of bullet journaling and impeccable note-taking, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to do the same. Instead, feel inspired to express yourself creatively when it comes to studying, whether that’s through diagrams, notes, colours, stickers or whatever helps you study better.

Studygram posts can also inspire you to get more organised about your daily notes and routines. You might not be as detailed or neat in your handwriting, but it’s important to keep organised with your assignments, exams, tests, work commitments, study groups, and all that’s going on in your busy student life.

If you aren’t sure where or how to start staying organised, check out some #studygram posts for some inspiration.

Find new resources

You can even learn about new study resources and materials through studygram, as most studygrammers are really keen to share.

Some post notebook and stationery tips, while others post their detailed notes that can help others studying the same subjects.

You can engage with students on the same major as you and ask them about notes, materials, study tips and more.

Record and share your journey

Keeping a record of your studying and student life can motivate you to study harder. After all, people are more accountable of their goals when they share them with others.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to have a record you can look back on after you’re done with your studies, seeing what you’ve overcome, and patting yourself on the back for making it through!

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