How does BIS HCMC transform students into global citizens?
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How does BIS HCMC transform students into global citizens?

Aside from being the largest international school in Vietnam, the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City (BIS HCMC) offers a vast array of learning opportunities that develop students’ character, resilience and well-being.

By nurturing the dreams and aspirations of learners from Early through to Junior and Secondary school years, BIS HCMC provides a balanced academic framework based on the National Curriculum for England, complemented by the International Primary Curriculum and varying levels of the IB Programme.

An education that makes a difference

Unlike other international schools, the BIS HCMC education makes a difference – it’s specifically designed around students’ emotional development.

Every day, children here are encouraged to develop their growth mindset through co-curricular activities, engaging expeditions and enriched curricula.


By introducing students to the importance of social development through the Early Years and Infant Campus Community Service, the Junior Campus Community Service and the Secondary Campus Community Service initiatives, they soon develop into agile, happy and inspired individuals with the world at their feet.

Another way that BIS HCMC maintains its global reputation as a leading international school is through its new collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

MIT has been working with Nord Anglia Education for two years and students have already experienced the benefits. The annual Nord Anglia’s STEAM Week @ MIT, for example, immerses learners in real-world problem solving using science, technology, engineering, arts and math skills.

BIS HCMC also takes the MIT learning programme further by bringing a select group of students to Boston and introducing them to informative lectures with MIT instructors and influential speakers.

With a dedication to empowering students, there are plenty of collaborative activities with UNICEF on offer. Each year, learners are invited by UNICEF to engage with and influence world leaders at regional and global summits with UNICEF and the United Nations.


By exposing learners of all ages to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, community development and major disciplines of STEAM, every child here has a chance to flourish.

Transforming learning rituals through the Nord Anglia network

As a Nord Anglia Education (NAE) school, BIS HCMC is an integral part of a large school family – boarding private and international – from around the world.

Driven by a unifying philosophy, children who learn under the NAE umbrella are showered with transformative learning opportunities that take their talents to new heights.

Students here are taught to be ambitious and stretch themselves a little further, and the school successfully embodies the NAE approach by providing a balanced education for all.

The proof of this outstanding academic NAE structure is in the statistics. As the Nord Anglia network states, “In the 2017/18 academic year, one in three of our graduates went on to one of the world’s top 100 universities and in the IB Diploma, our students achieved a 94 per cent pass rate, topping the global average of 78.4 per cent.”


Additionally, “For the I/GCSE, 90.2 per cent of NAE students’ grades were A* to C. This was significantly higher than the UK average of 66.9 per cent.”

This year, BIS students at Primary, IGCSE and IBDP-level outperformed international schools worldwide. With lessons tailored to suit the needs of every student, in true Nord Anglia Education style, BIS HCMC ensures all learners are heading to future success.

A school where every child has the chance to shine

At the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City (BIS HCMC), there’s never a shortage of student success stories.

From day one, learners are encouraged to chase their academic aspirations, to persevere through complex challenges and be fearless in the pursuit of whatever makes them happy. At BIS HCMC, every learner has the chance to shine.

Motivated to innovate and bring his academic aspirations to life at BIS HCMC, IGCSEs and IB Diploma graduate Kisum Chan is just one of many students with an inspiring story to tell.


After leaving BIS HCMC, Kisum transformed his career with his start-up social enterprise and won a staggering US$1 million from the annual HULT prize for his genius ideas.

As he explains, “The one million dollar prize is going to help not just one village, but the whole of Myanmar and hopefully the rest of Asia as well! Why limit yourself to one area when you can help the world?”

Kisum also adds that, “After BIS, I got into UCL where I am currently studying Biomedical Sciences and over at UCL I tried to be as active and as involved in the school community as possible. I feel like the constant push of CAS when I was at BIS really contributed to this.”

Through exposure to Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) activities, Kisum was able to explore his passions for community service and capitalise on his creative thinking skills.

The same goes for the three students who’ve been published in the 2018 Nord Anglia Creative Writing and Visual Arts Anthology. With guidance from encouraging staff, these BIS HCMC learners were awarded for their incredible literary skills and global mindfulness.

So, if you’re interested in connecting with a school that helps learners transform into global citizens, respects student ambitions and treats their happiness with the utmost respect, enquire now to the British International School in Ho Chi Minh City (BIS HCMC).

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