Choosing an International Kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City
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Choosing an International Kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City

“I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!” – David Vitter, Former US Senator

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is fast-evolving into one of the most sought-after expat destinations in the Southeast Asia region. It is also a major draw for international tourists; Euromonitor’s Top City Destinations Ranking report released in November placed Ho Chi Minh City and two other Vietnamese townships in the top 100 “most-visited” cities in the world.

Naturally, along with this rising popularity comes a surge in availability of English-speaking schools and kindergartens. With so many schools teaching and inspiring within this thriving metropolis, how are you supposed to settle on the best one for you child?

As an institution dedicated to your child’s social and academic development, the British International School Ho Chi Minh City (BIS HCMC) is certainly setting the pace, and with their new campus they are highlighting those points that all ambitious parents ought to consider. A long-standing leader of education in Vietnam, this school is known to excite, engage and empower students from diverse global roots.

High-Calibre Teaching Staff

Throughout the learning stages, it’s imperative for education to be enriched, embellished and enlivened through both sensory and intellectual nourishment. This is why BIS HCMC employs 32 qualified teachers on top of 30 subject specialists, all of whom serve the changing needs of the unique individual, aged 0 to six years old.

Here, British-trained staff instil a life-long passion for learning in every child, encouraging their advancement through planned soft play, open-ended learning and a host of opportunities for child-initiated projects. Powered by the free use of art, craft, music and language in conjunction with the delivery of world-class academics, learning becomes an innate, creative and compelling process.

Educational Philosophy

Eager to imbue desirable expertise like critical thinking, problem solving and self-belief, the new BIS HCMC Early Years and Infant Campus – due to open in January 2018 – will inspire students to learn from the beauty of their setting, on top of gaining insight from their teachers and their peers.

“Our aim in the Early Years and Infant Campus is to develop children’s independence, building the foundation for future learning,” says Ian Battersby, Head of the school.

“Students are not cloistered into tiny classrooms and coerced into their learning,” he adds, “instead large, open spaces facilitate freedom of movement and more opportunities for children to explore activities designed to stimulate their personal, social and physical development.”

This fluent, free-flow concept means BIS HCMC students self-direct their education from the tender age of two. Drawing on contemporary practices in British education, this allows character and personality to flourish in a rich, dynamic and energised social setting. As the children progress through their education, the new campus environment evolves with their growth, aiding their transition to a more traditional classroom environment. By the time their university entrance exams close in, they will already have matured into competent, confident and self-motivated learners, ready to succeed on the global stage.

Interactive Learning Spaces

The new BIS HCMC campus has been specifically-designed with children in mind, urging them to discover the art and elegance of the building that surrounds. From here your child gains a unique sense of self, learning from a purpose-built and cutting-edge space that serves as a round-the-clock extension of the classroom itself.

Rooms within the building are connected to support progressive interaction between classes; while large, multi-purpose spaces are shared among classes to offer an abundant, multi-layered experience for all.

Green Environment

As a city that’s constantly battling against the effects of climate change, it’s more important now than ever for BIS HCMC to remain a clean and healthy environment throughout students’ time at the school.

As such, BIS HCMC’s new Early Years Campus will be the very first in Vietnam to achieve Green Lotus Certification, earned through the efficient utilisation of resources in- and outside of the classroom setting.

“The products that are being used in the construction process both outdoors and indoors adhere to the strictest guidelines…that have to be met in order to achieve Green Lotus criteria, including all fixtures, fittings and even the kind of environmentally friendly paint we use in each and every classroom,” says Anthony Rowlands, Principal of the school.

The structure will even take advantage of a water canal that sweeps around three sides of the site, forming what is fondly known as an ‘island’ school. The ultimate effect of this is better ventilation and a reduced need for air conditioning. Cars will also be prohibited from entering the site to ensure that optimal air quality is maintained at all times.

Investment in Resources

This high quality is reflected in all elements of the campus, with BIS HCMC also giving deep consideration to the finer details, such as the furniture used inside. Rooms will be enhanced with equipment shipped from noted UK supplier, ‘Community Playthings’ – chosen in line with their commitment to creating environmentally-friendly products.

Finite aspects of the classroom are also integral to student-centred learning, another thing that’s been taken into account in the creation of the campus. Write-on surfaces, for example, will encourage teamwork and peer-teaching to bolster student engagement, elevate drive and improve learning outcomes.

Community Involvement

BIS HCMC is whole-heartedly committed to each child’s holistic growth. Every year, the school promotes a range of community service and fundraising activities, instilling a respect and caring sense of social responsibility in all children who participate.

There are many contributing factors to making a school standout, but to ensure your child is prepared for their role in a fast-moving world, it’s crucial for the groundwork to begin at an early age.

And so BIS HCMC’s innovative Early Years and Infant Campus is guaranteed to give your child the best foundations on which to build their future. Through this new, visionary and environmentally-conscious space, the school will produce students who are “inspired to become responsible and active global citizens”, ready and eager to flourish throughout adult life.

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