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How Christ School breaks the mould

Breathing life into a thorough education is no easy feat. But, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, one institution is effortlessly rewriting the script of high school life, infusing it with an exhilarating sense of purpose and wonder — they’re called Christ School.

Spanning an expansive 500-acre campus surrounded by greenery, this Episcopal boarding school offers a full college preparatory curriculum to over 290 boys, representing 18 US states and eight countries. Here, four pillars shape them into the best versions of themselves: academic rigour, leadership, spirituality and the dignity of manual labour.

The combination was set in place to execute the school’s mission of producing “educated men of good character, prepared for both scholastic achievement in college and productive citizenship in adult society.” Plenty of this preparation can be done in the great outdoors.

Designed to foster a bond with nature that echoes through students’ lives, the outdoor programme makes full use of Christ School’s location, which is just minutes away from an abundance of natural wonders, including whitewater rivers, majestic mountains, and extensive trails, including the renowned Appalachian Trail. Boys who participate in the programme can specialise in various thrilling activities, including fly fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, disc golf, or backpacking — all of which effectively kindle the flames of curiosity, independence, and a profound ecological consciousness.

Source: Christ School

Christ School’s rigorous curriculum and outdoor activities prepare boys for college education. Source: Christ School

The sky is a great place for students to discover the depths of their capabilities, too, hence why Christ School launched an aviation programme last year for its aspiring pilots. It acquired an American Champion Citabria (7GCAA) plane and an FAA-certified flight simulator to make it all possible. Having the Asheville Regional Airport located only three miles away from campus helps as well, not to mention two former Navy fighter pilots as instructors.

To ensure all learners get to pinpoint their passion, Enrichment Day is held annually. A break from classes, it amplifies experiential learning, which is a cornerstone of Christ School’s ethos. Expect to see learners flexing their photography skills, learning the inner workings of a car, cooking up gourmet meals, or engineering the next big thing — it’s all happening at once.

For boarders, such enrichment is just another weekend on campus. The Student Activities Office sees to it, guaranteeing boys remain engaged through hikes, community service, Walmart supply runs, professional and college sporting events, concerts, and much more.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. Christ School’s signature academic curriculum equips young boys with the necessary skills for future success right from the start. It was designed to challenge and inspire them to improve their skills in thinking, writing and problem-solving — all of which are competencies that will serve them well in university and beyond. In true Christ School nature, lessons extend beyond classroom confines, too — sometimes, even beyond borders.

Throughout the year, faculty members provide opportunities for students to learn about international cultures, history, and politics through immersive service learning trips and educational travel experiences. Indeed, cultivating global mindsets are top priority here. This is why the campus itself remains as diverse and inclusive as can be, making it the ultimate destination for international boys nervous about residing far from home.

“As an international student from South Korea, I understand that the cultural and academic experience can be vastly different from your home country,” says graduate Jun Yeob Lee from South Korea. “However, I encourage you to embrace the community around you, as it is where you will truly grow and learn alongside others.”

Source: Christ School

Christ School’s aviation programme leads to FAA certifications. Source: Christ School

Lee, who is now studying marketing at Indiana University, credits his progression to his school’s  “welcoming atmosphere” and “great teachers.” If it weren’t for the faculty members who dedicated their time to strategising his matriculation, Lee wouldn’t have been able to narrow down his list.

“As an international student, I remember the list of schools I considered was different from my classmates,” he says. “Although the colleges I was targeting weren’t typical, Christ School’s advisors were great, and they suggested the style of college that would fit me, and I loved their suggestions.”

This attention to detail stems from Christ School’s steadfast belief that it’s not all about gaining admission to any university but rather securing a place in the right one. Director of College Guidance, Mr. Kirk Blackard sums it up best, stating, “College admission is a match to be made and not a prize to be won.”

Take keen guidance, a positive learning environment, small class sizes, and endless options for enrichment, and international students undoubtedly have a recipe for success. Hence why Christ School’s graduates can now be found thriving in the likes of Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, the University of North Carolina, Duke University, and New York University. To ensure your son joins them soon, click here to learn more about admissions.

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