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Christ School: An invigorating education for ambitious boys

It is widely agreed that the ages 12 to 14 are some of the most important of any child’s life. It is at this moment in time that a child builds a greater ability for complex thoughts, can better express their feelings through talking, and develops a stronger sense of right and wrong. In this, it is crucial to pick the right academic environment for your child to give them the best chances of success later on in life.

Christ School empowers students for all of this and more. Founded in 1900, Christ School is a private preparatory boarding school for boys in grades eight to 12. Every boy is pushed to achieve wonders both academically and individually — and through this, become a better student, friend, son, brother, and human being.

Here is a school that ensures boys are raised to reach their fullest potential. It does so through its Four Pillars: Academic Rigour, Leadership, Spirituality, and the Dignity of Manual Labour. Combined, these pillars encourage boys to strive for the top grades, demonstrate their leadership skills inside and outside the classroom, embark on their own spiritual journey and get involved in the care and maintenance of the campus.

Christ School employs an innovative academic curriculum that prepares young boys for the demands of college life from the get-go. Take the Science Department. Here, boys are steeped in the scientific method and engineering design process, learning to apply the knowledge they gain throughout their studies to their daily lives. They are supported by an instructional team committed to the art of science as well as a state-of-the-art 8,500-square feet science centre.

Source: Christ School

From aerospace to academics, life at Christ School is never dull. Source: Christ School

Boys at Christ School follow more than just the average academic syllabus. Recently, the school introduced a new aviation programme to be offered during the Winter Sports season. To train aspiring young pilots, the school has procured a plane — an American Champion Citabria (7GCAA) — as well as an FAA-certified flight simulator. The programme has two former Navy fighter pilots as teachers. Up to 10 boys can take real, concrete steps towards FAA flight ratings, and gain the proper certifications to fly solo.

This is only a taste of the exciting life experienced by boys at Christ School. A host of student activities keep boys busy, from football games to catching concerts and socialising with sister schools. Throw in Dorm Wars, student clubs, an 8,600 square feet student centre that houses a 42-seat movie theatre, a barber shop, pool tables and more — and it makes for a thriving boarding experience that will surely be remembered for a lifetime.

Students live in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Arden, North Carolina — a spectacular location that breathes beauty and serenity. Such a location was strategically chosen, as is the rest of Christ School’s 500-acre campus. Everything from teaching styles to a student’s daily schedule has been purpose-built for boys to reach their full potential.

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Christ School has a dedicated Science Department passionate about teaching students the art of science. Source: Christ School

It is a campus that has impressed experienced teachers such as Wenshun Tang, who teaches Mandarin at the school. “I have experienced various boarding schools in China and in the US,” he says. “I think what makes Christ School stand out is its exquisite and unique architecture, reflecting the precipitation of history and culture. The 500 acres of safe and picturesque campus holds students who are polite and energetic, and the brotherhood formed at Christ School lasts for lifetime.”

The international community at Christ School is just as valued. A total of 295 boys from eight countries and 18 different states live and learn together at the school, with 11% of the student body hailing from abroad. Despite this, boys at Christ School come together regardless of race or nationality and learn to celebrate each other’s differences.

“I was an international student when I attended an all-girls boarding school, so I know first-hand the importance of an environment that values its international students,” shares Olga Mahoney, who has taught history here for over 14 years. “We encourage our international students to become active participants and take control of their education by offering a variety of opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. These offerings broaden their interests, improve their social skills, encourage creativity and foment critical thinking skills.”

Source: Christ School

Every boy is accepted at Christ School, regardless of nationality or race. Source: Christ School

The result? A community of boys who are prepared to attend the best colleges and universities in the US — and indeed, the world. Recent enrolments have seen graduates admitted to the likes of Princeton, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Duke, Boston University, and more.

Mahoney’s son is one of them — he is now in college at Harvard. “It is personally rewarding to see these students grow and develop at school and to celebrate their subsequent academic successes and professional achievements,” says Mahoney.

Christ School is fortunate to have a robust applicant pool and begins reviewing international student applications in December.  The school works diligently to identify and enroll students who contribute to what they call the “Long Green Line” of the Christ School tradition. To learn more, click here.

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