How an education at these US schools is paving the way for a globalised generation

US schools

A globalised generation holds something special — they are defined by unique qualities that goes beyond national boundaries. They are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, mentality and talents that make them well-rounded individuals who are ready for lifelong learning and exploration. 

To achieve this, a globalised education is what children need, and the US has schools that are more than capable of providing that. 

These schools nurture children in an environment that is rigorous yet holistic. Children are encouraged to think out of the box in programmes that meet their needs and capabilities. They discover their talents in in-depth athletics and arts programmes.

With such well-rounded education, children become individuals more than ready to take on the world. If this is what you seek for your child, here are four top schools in the US developing a globalised generation: 

The Athenian School

US schools

Young bright minds at The Athenian School learn by doing. Source: The Athenian School/Facebook

Students at The Athenian School near San Francisco in Danville, California learn differently — they learn by doing. An experiential college preparatory private middle and high school with boarding 9-12, The Athenian School is where young bright minds from the East Bay and beyond actively engage in a challenging educational experience. They immerse themselves deeply in coursework, inspire each other to think critically and collaborate as global citizens. They become Athenian graduates who thrive in great universities and are poised for a life of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution.

Such outcomes are thanks to the Athenian way — built on six pillars: internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership and service. These six pillars are the school’s foundation. Students are encouraged to seek lives of meaning and purpose and build cross-cultural skills for the future. They explore athletics, arts, engineering design, international exchange and service, and the Athenian Wilderness Experience — a backpacking programme for an experience of a lifetime. Such features push students to emerge as compassionate, responsible adults. Graduate Cailin Plunkett can attest to this.

“At Athenian, I’m taught to live actively, not passively. I critically inquire about the information I’m presented, I do not take claims at face value, and I work to become a global citizen who is informed about issues both local and global. I do not allow the world to push me along; I work to shape it for the better,” explains Plunkett.

As such, it’s little wonder why students from more than 12 countries come to the school for an Athenian education. They enter a vibrant and diverse Athenian community and develop a global perspective for their life. Click here to discover more about the school’s Athenian way.

Carmel Catholic High School

US schools

Carmel Catholic High School’s innovative and forward-thinking education guides and supports students while challenging them to believe in all they can become and achieve. Source: Carmel Catholic High School/Facebook

Belong. Believe. Become. These traits make Carmel Catholic High School — a private college preparatory and secondary school for students grades nine to 12 — an institution of academic excellence for more than 50 years. It is one of the six schools in the US awarded the US Department of Education’s prestigious Blue Ribbon award on five occasions for its academic rigour, artistic exploration and spiritual enrichment. All of these prepare graduates for college and beyond.

At Carmel Catholic, a personalised programme is what you’ll get regardless of your education level. The school meets your learning needs by offering five levels of placement process: College Prep, Upper College Prep, Honour College Prep, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit. Here, it is critical for students to be placed in a specific programme that supports their progress, learning and success. As they improve and excel, they move into higher course levels throughout their four years of study. Such a rigorous yet personalised academic programme has gotten Carmel Catholic recognised and approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, the National Catholic Education Association and AdvancEd.

The offerings continue. At Carmel Catholic, students explore a hands-on educational experience in Fine Arts, which offers courses that essentially develop them with a strong work ethic, sense of community, confidence and self-esteem. The four-year arts programme enriches students in every instruction, from choral music to band, dance and dramatic and visual art. All of these are possible at the school’s new and innovative 33,000 sq ft Fine and Performing Arts Centre. 

Students belong at Carmel Catholic. They are heard, supported and have the opportunity to develop their talents in different ways. The school’s innovative and forward-thinking education guides and supports students while challenging them to believe in all they can become and achieve. 

The Frederick Gunn School

US schools

From AP and honours courses to Independent Study Projects, The Frederick Gunn School curriculum is fully customisable to each individual’s interests and aspirations. Source: The Frederick Gunn School

A Frederick Gunn School student or graduate is always learning. After building their foundation at this coeducational college-preparatory boarding and day school in Washington, Connecticut — surrounded by Steep Rock’s natural beauty — they are able to think for themselves, express their beliefs confidently and persuasively, and stand up both for themselves and others. They evolve into active citizens, changing the world in the same entrepreneurial way that Frederick Gunn — abolitionist, educator, and outdoorsman — changed the world. 

Several programmes make this possible. The Innovation Track is a multi-year learning journey that lets students explore the sciences, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship as a path toward pursuing these passions in college and beyond. Over at the Centre for Citizenship and  Just Democracy, they have a space modelled on state-of-the-art co-working spaces in urban centres, such as Workbar in Boston and NeueHouse in New York; a hub for local community leaders to meet with students about their projects; and a newsroom, where students will learn news literacy and digital citizenship skills.

There are more features that nurture students into forces for good here. The Citizenship Curriculum does more than just ensure freshmen adjust seamlessly to the school — students also have conversations about healthy choices, responsible behaviours, and executive functioning skills that make them more intentional in their approach to learning. 

During the summer between Junior and Senior year, students take part in the Civic Changemakers Project where they create, identify and bring to life a policy through action in the community. Beyond its distinct campus located in an idyllic town, students also learn to take risks, solve problems, collaborate and navigate a world that doesn’t conform to their every desire through the Gunn Outdoors Programme

Orme School

US schools

Join Orme’s close-knit community situated in a beautiful oasis of a campus that makes for an unrivalled living experience. Source: Orme School/Facebook

Orme School is a unique, college-preparatory, co-educational boarding and day school for students in grades eight through 12. Set on a 300-acre campus with a grand landscape and grander vistas, Orme offers both stellar views and a rigorous curriculum to guide learners through a scenic and memorable journey to academic success.

Becoming a Orme student means joining its close-knit community. On and off-campus, life here is fun, filled with traditions, and packed with excitement thanks to a kinship of learners, coaches, educators, and administrators.

Life in the classroom is intimate with an average class size of just eight students. Every learner is encouraged to schedule one-on-one meetings with their teachers after class as well if they are in need of additional support. 

Alongside experts, they take on a robust academic programme designed to prime them for college life and beyond. Courses include AP English, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP History. There’s even a Science Department with modern laboratory facilities for lessons in environmental science, biology, chemistry and AP Physics. 

That’s not all. At Orme, students take on skilled instruction in fine arts and music as well. The school’s location in the beautiful Southwest makes this possible — a destination international artists flock to for inspiration. This makes art part of the Orme experience and a dynamic destination for students to showcase their talents. 

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