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Hong Kong Metropolitan University: Global perks, triumphant students

A Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) education transports students across the globe. Hence, the dynamic institution’s unique power to broaden horizons and nurture cultural perspectives. They believe that such experiences perfectly complement comprehensive curricula — a combination that produces outstanding members of society.

From Hong Kong to Japan

Budding educator Peralta Jasmine Montanano is on her way to making a difference in the world with her HKMU degree. What first attracted her to HKMU was a comprehensive Bachelor of Education programme. What motivated her to thrive was its practical nature.

“The Skills in Teaching English course allows students to hone their pedagogical skills in teaching a language,” she explains. “More importantly, it involves a teaching practicum in a primary school, one of my most insightful and unforgettable experiences to date. It provided me with hands-on opportunities to teach classes and immerse myself in day-to-day school operations.”

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Peralta Jasmine Montanano’s HKMU degree is taking her places. Source: Hong Kong Metropolitan University

In true HKMU fashion, Montanano has even applied her newfound skills in Japan. The study tour entailed not only learning more about the country’s academic system and its English education history but relishing in Tokyo’s culture-rich environment as well.

A fresher view of the world and unwavering support from faculty members gave Montanano the confidence she needed to break glass ceilings in various ways. Today, the multi-scholarship recipient is Vice-president of Education in HKMU Trilingual Toastmasters Club and Student Leader for Faust International Youth Theatre.

Where award-winning graduates are made

Aspiring Certified Public Accountant and fourth-year professional accounting student Miranda Serene Angelie Flores is proud to say she’s gained the same sense of pride and achievement. The diligence she exuded early on helped her secure the Ethnic Minority Student Award, which has lifted burdens of all sorts.

Without a financial worry in mind, Flores has been able to fully immerse herself in some of the many career-boosting opportunities at HKMU. Conveniently, the award came with an invitation to join the HKMU A-Team Student Development programme designed for top business students.

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Miranda Serene Angelie Flores is a recipient of the Ethnic Minority Student Award. Source: Hong Kong Metropolitan University

“The comprehensive programme grooms participants to become future business leaders,” she says. “It showed us how to sharpen our competitive edge and encouraged us to participate in workshops to enhance specific skills. We attended talks by prominent business leaders and entered inter-university contests.”

Rewarding and fulfilling, yet affordable

HKMU ensures opportunities for international exposure abound. They develop more study abroad opportunities by partnering with renowned education institutions in mainland China and beyond.

These connections translate into numerous study tours and short-term exchange programmes. In the process, students can expect to hone a well-rounded global mindset and to make new friends from different parts of the world.

All locations are enriching. Semester break excursions around mainland China last for one to two weeks. Many of them are supported by the Ministry of Education of mainland China, meaning students need only fund their insurance and travelling expenses.

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Kailash Prasai spent the summer of 2019 with a not-for-profit youth-run organisation in Iași, Romania. Source: Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Other HKMU students have ventured to Hungary, Poland, Russia, and Sri Lanka, among many other countries. For example, Kailash Prasai spent the summer of 2019 in Iași, Romania. He worked alongside AIESEC, a not-for-profit youth-run organisation committed to global sustainable development.

His role was to serve as a “cultural ambassador” for students between the ages of eight and 15. As part of a team of undergraduates representing 35 nationalities, he developed teaching materials and engaging activities.

“When I led workshops, I would observe the students, steer the conversation, and encourage all of them to contribute ideas,” he says. “These also helped in developing my leadership skills.”

The best part? There’s no need to break the bank. HKMU provides students with a rewarding and fulfilling learning experience that prepares them to become outstanding members of society. The University guarantees that the quest to achieve a global mindset should be affordable and accessible to all aspirations.

Here, there are plenty. A collective total of 20,000 students join the HKMU family. What’s more, HKMU offers international scholarships for outstanding students. Act now, check here!

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