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High Mowing School: Small size, mighty perks

If you ask Reed Goulet why she chose High Mowing School (HMS), she’ll tell you it’s because she saw “how connected to nature it is.” That, and that it “felt more like a community, not just within the school, but also with everything around here.”

It wasn’t long before Goulet felt at home. Specifically, a safe, healthy and inspiring home that prepares students for life. “It’s such a welcoming, community-based environment that after a couple of days [since joining], it felt completely natural here,” she enthuses.

Ask other students or graduates and they have many more reasons to share on why they love HMS. From hands-on experiential learning to interdisciplinary excellence and a location that offers the best of both worlds, many gush about their impactful experience here.

HMS is situated in scenic Wilton, New Hampshire, on 300 acres of forest and fields, just over an hour  from Boston. The majestic New Hampshire outdoors, from the top of Abbot Hill down to the Souhegan River and beyond, is fully utilised as a living laboratory. The picturesque campus often acts as an interactive classroom, where students explore everything from ethics to ecology, from the performing arts to geology and biology.

Most importantly, it is a home for young people from all walks of life. HMS hosts about 300 students who come from all over the world, including South Africa, Australia, Ecuador and China.

Here, youth have a coming-of-age experience with an invaluable edge: surrounded by people who care enough to listen . “High Mowing was a home before it was a school — and becoming a school, it still stayed a home,” says founder Beulah Hepburn Emmet.

Well-rounded excellence

HMS is a coeducational, college-preparatory Waldorf boarding and day school serving motivated students from early childhood through grade 12 . The school has three aims: To educate students to seek truth and fulfill their highest potential; to impart meaningful purpose to their lives; and to contribute courageously to the positive development of the world.

High Mowing School

Picturesque rural vistas envelope HMS, with the dynamism of Boston just over an hour away. Source: High Mowing School

The curriculum at HMS is arts-rich and embraces the surrounding woods and nature. A well-rounded education — which includes a variety of art, science, mathematics, languages, civics and history, in addition to a mix of immersive and outdoor programmes — is ensured here.

The arts-infused and arts-rich curriculum, immersed in and surrounded by nature, empowers students to learn new skills and to develop their passions. “We have a lot of activities happening outside of the classroom to learn more about life beyond it,” says Dean of Students Cary Hughes.

As founder Mrs. Emmet said, “Places are important. The very earth on which human striving takes place carries, builds and holds an atmosphere of its own.”

Where profoundly meaningful friendships start

HMS is the only Waldorf boarding school in North America . The atmosphere? As diverse as it is tight-knit. Opportunities abound, as do meaningful relationships.

High Mowing School

At HMS, a well-rounded education, immersed in nature, is ensured. Source: High Mowing School

“We embrace them as a community,” says Head of School Kate Meyer. “We get the day and boarding students involved with each other, give them opportunities and activities, and teach them how to live within a community.”

The boarding experience at HMS prepares students to live, take part and contribute to a community — whether they go off to college or find an alternative path. The skills they learn here sets them up for whichever direction they choose.

“The boarding experience here is one of the best preparations before students go off to college,” says Hughes. “They have an edge compared to their peers who come from public schools who have not had the experience.” It also provides opportunities for growth and learning life skills such as time management and organisation.

Student Michaela Watkins agrees, “Being a student here gave me the independence to learn a lot about myself and time management. The academics here push you in the right ways to develop you as a well-rounded person.”

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