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Headington School, Oxford: Creative and innovative education for the 21st century

Boarding schools are not new in the UK but what makes Headington School, Oxford stand out is its sterling commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation among their students with a wide array of extra-curricular activities and personalised support.

While Headington School, Oxford was founded on Christian values, it has been welcoming girls of all nationalities and religions who want to obtain a superb British boarding education experience for over 100 years. Located just a mile from Oxford city centre , the school caters to various years ranging from Nursery to Sixth Form , and enjoys close links with Oxford’s two universities .

Headmistress Caroline Jordan believes that people greatly inspired by their environment will be more creative and imaginative. That is why this year will see students showcasing their artistic, musical and creative pursuits at the Creativity and Innovation Centre: The Hive, the latest addition to the  boarding campus.

The new paradigm of creative learning

Remote learning became the new education landscape for students all over the world in 2020. Headington School, Oxford realised that, in order to provide the same quality of holistic education that has been offered for over 100 years  during this pandemic, they had to innovate their environment to incorporate remote teaching for virtual and physical classrooms.

The Hive was born out of months of creative planning  to become the new home for Fine Art, Creative Engineering and Design, Sculpture, Photography, History of Art and Fashion Textiles at Headington.

With facilities such as a 3D workshop and studio, a digital manufacturing suite, a lens media studio, an exhibition gallery and a lecture theatre, The Hive was boldly envisioned to become a cross-curricular learning space to nurture and enrich students’ creative possibilities through sustainability, innovation and technology. In doing so, the students will be better prepared for the 21st century that will see the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and more robots becoming a norm in society and the workforce.

“We already know how much employers value analytical thinking, innovation, creativity and originality. These differentiate good candidates from excellent ones. In the future, they may be the things which make a human ‘worth’ employing over a robot,” wrote Jordan in Relocate Global.

Students have explored artificial intelligence, machine learning, and art, working with the world’s first ultra-realistic AI artist, Ai-Da. They applied machine learning concepts to gaming, contemplated the lessons from Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel “Frankenstein,” investigated AI music composition and looked at AI ethics. As they examined what it is to be human, they’re developing crucial creative thinking skills.

A girls-only environment for better results

Isla Henderson, who completed her A Levels in 2021, will be studying Computer Science with Video Game Engineering at Newcastle University. Her goal is to become CEO of her own video game company and to promote women in technology.

“This school is very promotional of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and in other male-dominated subjects,” shares Henderson. “I put down my passion for this career to a video game project we did in Year 9 where we had to make a video game — when I did that, I had so much fun and that was the start of it all for me.”

Indeed, girls perform better in a single-sex school according to research, and with an all-girls environment, Headington School, Oxford’s consistently outstanding academic results speak for themselves.

In 2021, 76% of A Level grades were A* to A , a strong nod to Headington School, Oxford’s Top 100 UK reputation and ethos of creativity and innovation. Many students have secured places at  Oxbridge, Russell Group and Ivy League universities.

Flexible boarding arrangements

At the same time, Headington School, Oxford understands each family has their own dynamics and needs. Parents will be pleased to know about the different boarding options for their daughters that can accommodate their various work and family schedules: Full, Weekly, Half Weekly and Occasional.

Around one in four Senior School girls is a boarder  – with unparallelled access to over 33 sports and over 120 extra-curricular club facilities, Headington School, Oxford strives to create a close-knit community for all students choosing to board there. Even for day girls, there will be supervised Prep or activities until 6.00 p.m, while parents can drop off their daughters early, safe in the knowledge they will be secure and supervised.

Headington School, Oxford also shares transport routes with other Oxford schools including boys’ schools. Flexible boarding options mean families can make the most of family time. Busy parents can also take advantage of virtual tours, videos and opportunities to “meet” staff and girls prior to visits.

With The Hive’s inclusion within Headington School, Oxford, students can be guaranteed a creative and innovative education. Interested parents can apply via https://apply.headington.org/user/welcome.php, sign up: https://www.headington.org/admissions/visit-our-school/international-sign-up or email admissions@headington.org for further enquiries.