Attending an all girls British Boarding School is both enchanting and intense. You become an active part of one of the most distinguished and traditional education systems in the world, living and learning in the UK’s oldest and most opulent buildings.

At Boarding School, you are immersed in a community of like-minded individuals, teachers who are rooting for your all-round success, and other vibrant, diverse young ladies. Like you, they are undeterred by the great unknown, forging friends for life as they unleash their own potential.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and it’s easy to be consumed by the prestige of the British Boarding School.

Via Woldingham School.

Yes, the academics are important – but so is your well-being. In order to make the most of those years away at boarding school (and believe us when we say they are the best you’ll ever have) it’s important for you to strike that perfect school-life balance. Here are five useful tips to help you on your way:

1. Shuffle Your Priorities

In the midst of exam preparation at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. When you and your family voted for a boarding education, you also gained the vote for your independence – and the truth of the matter is that it’s time for you to grab the helm and take responsibility for your life.

Boarding School academics have a reputation for being rigorous and holistic, so write yourself a list before it all starts piling on. Prioritise things with a fast-approaching deadline, and leave yourself a little more time for the subjects you find tricky. Once you hatch an effective strategy for handling the workload, a large portion of that pressure will be lifted from your shoulders, improving every aspect of your life at boarding school.

Revel in the satisfaction when you cross things off that list, and be sure to reward yourself for all that hard work!

2. Set Realistic Goals

It’s important to set yourself academic targets, but even more important that they are both manageable and achievable. Set your goals too high and you’ll wear yourself out, and the disappointment of missing the target can really put a downer on your overall experience. Setting the bar too low however, can lead to boredom and excess free time – plus, where’s the sense of achievement if it’s all a piece of cake?

Remember: everyone is different, and only you know best when it comes to realistic targets. All your work should present an element of challenge – something that requires thought and stimulates your creative juices- but just don’t make it so hard that it’s impossible to reach! Set goals for general campus life as well as the academics – and DON’T be influenced by any of your friends!

3. Exercise Regularly

British Boarding Schools are renowned for having outstanding extra-curricular activities. So… go ahead and take advantage of them! Get out there, make friends and get a little competitive to stave off some of that stress and vitalise your brain.

Exercise is important because it increases the blood supply and levels of oxygen in the brain, which has virtually endless benefits, including improved memory, reasoning and concentration. It also releases endorphins that leave you feeling happy and healthy.

Join the dance or gym club; compete on the athletics track; jump in the pool and swim some lengths or even learn how to ski! Boarding Schools supply some of the best activities and facilities in the world of education, so you may as well make the most of them. If that project is really stressing you out, take a break! Get out on the pitch and improve your productivity.

4. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity & Explore Your Options

Say yes to every school trip, join all the clubs of interest to you, and most importantly, utilise all the available pastoral care and student support. Whether it’s the teachers, dormitory supervisors, head girl or even the dining hall staff – they all form your network of support and their primary concern is helping you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. These people are dedicated to your well-being as well as your success, and if you don’t think they are quite the right person to help your situation, they’ll be sure to refer you to the person who is. When it comes to the academics, seek assistance as early as you can; it’s better to get ahead of your schedule if it’s possible.

5. Cut Yourself Some Slack… and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

Part of your growing responsibility is to take care of your happiness, and that means rewarding yourself for a job well-done. Sometimes, you have to leave the work behind and just let loose – go see a movie with the girls, explore the local town or city, or give yourself some well-deserved retail therapy!

A hard core education demands a lot of time and energy, and you really need to give yourself something in return if you are to remain on top-form. Take some time out to relax and unwind, or if that’s really not your bag, explore! Adventure! Get out and go wild!

Remember: your education is important, but so is having a life. The grades are a crucial element, but it’s always worth remembering that you need to experience the real world and have fun to stand out above the rest.

Be inspired, tackle the challenges and remain committed to your well-rounded future.

Here are five British girls boarding schools that firmly believe in the importance of a well-balanced education…

Founded in 1842, Woldingham School is a Catholic boarding and day school for girls aged 11 to 18 which accepts applications from girls of all faiths. The School is proud of its academic rigour, first-class facilities and outstanding student achievement. A Level and GCSE results are well above average; the majority of leavers proceed to the best universities in the UK, USA or East Asia and in 2015 the top leavers’ destination was Cambridge University. The staff is committed to challenging each girl academically whilst encouraging her to develop an enquiring mind and inner confidence. An impressive and varied range of activities – over 80 clubs are on offer – ensures that each girl can pursue her interests and discover new ones. Woldingham prides itself on outstanding pastoral care, welcoming girls into its happy and supportive community. The School is set in a beautiful 700-acre estate within the Surrey Downs, just a 35-minute train ride away from buzzing central London. 

Benenden has been one of the leading boarding schools in Britain for the last 90 years. The School was founded in 1923 and is situated amongst 240 acres of attractive Kent parkland, known as the Garden of England. Benenden’s academic programme aims to encourage a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and discovery. There is a traditional, broad and forward-looking curriculum, providing education in its widest sense, while giving students opportunities to develop specialist knowledge and skills. By the time a student leaves Benenden, she will be ready to progress to the university course of her choice.

Burgess Hill Girls stands in 14 acres of beautiful grounds within a conservation area close to Burgess Hill’s town centre. Just a five-minute walk from the railway station and close to excellent road networks (10 miles from Brighton city centre and only 20 minutes from Gatwick), the school is easily accessible for local and international students. The School boasts small classes with well-qualified, professional staff dedicated to helping each pupil realise her potential. With a focus firmly on girls and the way they learn, the single sex environment gives the girls space and security in which to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Queen Margaret’s is an independent school for independent girls. By offering personalised timetables, every Queen Margaret’s girl is able to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities on offer alongside her unique set of classes. As the only all-girls’ full boarding school in the North of England, 85 percent of students are Full Boarders while Boarders have beds within the school and are encouraged to stay over every Friday evening to take advantage of House activities. For a school of its size, Queen Margaret’s provides an immense variety of activities, clubs and societies and other Enrichment opportunities while never sacrificing the individual education tailored to the needs of the individual girl.

Headington School is an outstanding day and boarding school for girls aged 3-18, set in the heart of picturesque Oxford. The School is proud of its strong system of pastoral care, which it believes is key to the success of all students at the School. The staff recognise that girls will be fulfilled and thrive academically when they are happy in all aspects of their life, and so are committed to their all-round success. With a state-of-the-art Music School, pioneering Art School and 240-seat professionally equipped theatre, girls have all the facilities they need to excel. 

Image via Woldingham School.