Harness the power of Business at Hood College

Harness the power of Business at Hood College

Featured in the 2017 Grateful Grads index by Forbes, Hood College is an institute that shines through the category of best-loved US colleges. And since academic return on investment (ROI) is proved by the number of happy graduates entering the world each year, Hood has undoubtedly mastered the art of student satisfaction.

Based in Frederick, Maryland – a mid-Atlantic state – there are many reasons why this independent liberal arts college is so popular among current students and graduates. One core reason is the tranquil campus setting, with lush greenery and regular exhibitions held at the Hodson and Whitaker Galleries; it’s the ideal place to wind down after a long day of lectures.

“I was drawn to attending college in Frederick because of the proximity to amazing internship opportunities,” says Nick Smith, a current undergraduate at Hood. “There’s no need to go to neighboring cities like Washington DC; Frederick has what I need to be competitive when entering the workforce.”

The school also hosts an array of athletic facilities for students to try out, allowing you to make the most of the stunning US sunshine.  When you want to take your mind away from the foundation of economics and accounting theory, you can take a dive in the Huntsinger Aquatics Center, or maybe workout in the Hodson Fitness Center.

Alternatively, if you want to advance your study session and crack down on financial management techniques, you’ll also gain unlimited access to the Hodson Library. With group study areas, computer labs and comfy lounges available, all your informative discussions and private learning sessions are fully catered for.

Business Administration Advantages  

For aspiring business students, the college has extensive experience in producing high-quality graduates. Once you join the Business Administration Major (BA) program, you’ll be taught within a collaborative teaching environment by a superb selection of faculty. This effective approach to learning encourages your qualitative and quantitative skills, on top of introducing you to a curriculum that helps you understand core competencies.

What makes the Hood College BA program stand out among the others is its dedication to providing learners with a vast array of business modules. For instance, topics such as international business, the principles of marketing and management information systems are compulsory. Each and every subject aims to build on your pre-existing skillset, preparing you for success as you enter the working world. There’s also the option to choose other modules such as the individual interest concentration, in which you will consult your business administration faculty adviser and have the freedom to select a concentration that supports your prospective career.

To further your business administration abilities, there’s also the Hood MBA program to look forward to. With a fast-tracked schedule full of summer sessions and full-time semesters, you can complete this degree in two years or less. Plus, since the BA and MBA schemes are both accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), you could earn yourself a notable qualification within a time frame that suits you.

“The change that I’ve experienced through my Hood College School of Business Education has been monumental both personally and professionally,” says Maggie Thomas, MBA student who’s getting set to graduate later this year. “It was amazing how in every class, I had the opportunity to learn alongside people from all backgrounds and fields. It enabled me to gain more than just textbook knowledge.”

Specialized School of Business

Sticking by their core values, Hood College is always on the hunt for innovative ways to improve their faculties. To continue this tradition, the institution is set to launch the George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business. This is an exciting development for aspiring and current business students at Hood College, granting them access to a hub of significant and enriching experiences.

By collaborating with business, governments and non-profit entities, the college seeks to carve new pathways for students that will connect them to key industry players. By attracting recognized business experts to the business school, students benefit from a platform that allows them to meet business leaders and obtain guidance from highly-knowledgeable professionals.

This new School of Business expands the current curriculum, implementing brand-new majors in finance and human resource management, as well as intellectually-stimulating social entrepreneurship schemes. There’s a lot to look forward to at Hood College this year!

“The launch of the School of Business can only bring positive things at Hood College,” Nick Smith explains. “The professors in the department are the best. They are connected and successful within their areas of expertise which benefits the students and the college.”

Harness the power of Hood

To prepare you for potential employment roles, Hood has constructed a career-driven business curriculum with extraordinary perks. For you to gain valuable industry experience, the college offers the Catherine Filene Shouse Center for Career Development and Experiential Education. By visiting this easily-accessible facility, you are encouraged to make face-to-face appointments with a career counselor where you can discuss interviewing skills and investigate career options.

As 100+ local businesses hosted Hood interns in 2017, and this figure is set to rise throughout 2018, the influx of interested companies demonstrates Hood College’s longstanding reputation for leading business graduates. Due to the school’s determination to help students succeed, there are exclusive opportunities to gain insight into the working world.

In addition to the career center, Hood has regular civic engagement events to keep you motivated and engaged with the local community. This college values voluntarism, so you could end up working at American Red Cross, Mission of Mercy and Peace Corps events. This will help you grow both professionally and personally, giving future employers a valid talking point as they evaluate your CV.

As approved by the Hood College Board of Trustees, the mission statement highlights the importance of character development.  By harnessing the power of Hood, you will be driven to use your heart, mind and hands to meet “personal, professional and global challenges and to lead a purposeful life of responsibility, leadership, service and civic engagement.”

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