Three reasons to study at Hood College
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“Study abroad is one of the most rewarding things that an undergraduate can do during their studies. It’s an opportunity that you don’t have later in life, it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity; to leave everything behind and go to another country and explore another culture.” – Lisa Algazi, Ph.D., professor of French at Hood College

Perfectly balancing the liberal arts and the professions, Hood College has a long history of empowering students through an exceptional education. Hood students are never idle; they’re constantly engaged and challenged to face the next hurdle. In such an environment, students quickly learn to become confident leaders, thinkers and creators who reshape the modern world.

With a diverse academic portfolio delivered by experienced faculty members, the College embodies a comprehensive, experiential and transformative learning journey. The school is entirely dedicated to exceeding student expectations, with an extensive network of more than 23,000 global graduates carrying the Hood College name with pride.

“Hood students make the most of life outside the classroom,” the institution notes. “There are literally hundreds of ways to get involved – playing a sport or cheering for your favourite team, joining one of the dozens of student clubs, attending on-campus events, volunteering in the local community, embarking on day trips around Maryland or going out on far-flung excursions, to name just a few,” it adds.

“Plus, the things you’ll find to occupy your time when you’re not in class help you discover who you are and what you care about in new, enlightening ways.”

And if that hasn’t got your attention, here are three more reasons for you to study at Hood College – an innovative U.S. institution that harbors a unique vision for academic excellence…

1. Its location is truly unparalleled

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Set on a stunningly picturesque 50-acre campus in the city of Fredrick – a dynamic and historic hub located in central Maryland – students here get all the perks of living in a small college community with the convenience of the city nearby.

Fredrick is known to encompass the ideal blend of heritage and youth, standing as a melting pot of culture, recreation, entertainment and tradition. As one of America’s smaller city dwellings, Frederick offers students that much-needed retail therapy, or an eclectic spread of cafes and restaurants, or a number of exciting venues to jam out with the local bands. Though the city may be small, it certainly packs a punch, meaning there’s never a dull day for the lucky Hood College student. And the best part? It’s within walking distance of campus!

And the best part is that Frederick, the third-largest city in the state, lies just an hour from Washington D.C., an hour from Baltimore and just 30 minutes from the I-270 Technology Corridor, serving as a window of opportunity for students from all over the world.

2. The College boasts an outstanding network for internship positions

“At Hood, students are not simply placed into internships,” the institution notes. “Instead, it is the student’s responsibility to research options and find a suitable site.”

Former students have completed invaluable positions with organizations and companies like:

  • Celebrate Frederick
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • El Paso Holocaust Museum
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Gorilla Magazine
  • Love and Company
  • McCain Institute
  • UNESCO Center for Peace
  • Volvo – Mack Trucks
  • World Relief/Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking

On top of this, a partnership with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars has opened up an exclusive external study opportunity in the heart of the US capital. Here, students live and learn in the bustle of D.C., gaining crucial career experience and forging a valuable professional network long before they graduate.

“Internships do a lot more than just look good on your résumé,” claims a recent Hood College intern. “They are a good way to find out if that job is what you really want to do before investing in a full-time job.”

3. Hood’s faculty are respected and remarkable mentors

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Hood’s unrivalled teaching staff are among its finest assets, recognized as phenomenal leaders, tutors and innovators for students of every discipline. Here, professors serve as the dominant force for progression and discovery in their respective fields, instilling students with expertise and insights they’d be hard-pushed to find anywhere else in the world. Hood professors are undoubtedly passionate and committed, familiarizing students with the intricacies of the modern world through lectures, engaging discussion, specialized teaching method and cutting-edge technology.

“Hood professors are demanding but approachable, exacting but caring, and are genuinely interested in students’ success,” the College notes. “And, with a low student-to-faculty ratio and small classes, students get more individualized attention.”

Above all, Hood College nurtures a small college setting with a big student heart, consistently attracting students from all cultural backgrounds and all walks of life. If you’re keen to invest in an education overseas, you couldn’t ask for a greater return than you’ll receive from the Hood – an academic treasure in the heart of Maryland.

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