GMU Korea: Virginia’s largest public research university in NEAsia’s education hub

GMU Korea: Virginia’s largest public research university in NEAsia’s education hub
Source: George Mason University, Korea

From Fairfax in Virginia to Songdo in South Korea, George Mason University (GMU) has become a trusted pioneer of global education in just over 50 years.

Preparing students from all corners of the globe to become critical thinkers with the skills and knowledge needed to make significant and lasting contributions to society, GMU Korea (GMUK) delivers on the promise of a transformative education. It’s powered by a consistent brand promise which means that all students who attend GMUK benefit from high educational standards and interactive teaching strategies.

Globally-recognized academic programs

The GMUK campus allows you to study many leading programs, including the top-ranked Conflict Analysis and Resolution (BA/BS) and the Top 30 (ARWU 2018) Economics (BA/BS), where several faculty members have been recognized as Nobel Prize laureates.

Other top GMUK undergraduate degrees include the Accounting (BS), Computer Game Design (BFA), Finance (BS), Global Affairs (BA) and Management (BS).

Source: George Mason University, Korea

A recent addition to the postgraduate programmes at GMUK is Systems Engineering (MS). This interdisciplinary degree blends the rigor of engineering with the creativity of strategy and process design to manage complex systems across their life cycles.  It’s the perfect degree for aspiring global leaders with a passion for analytical thinking and problem solving, looking to address real-world challenges.

Alternatively, another postgraduate degree being offered is the Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Exceptional Learners (TCLDEL) program. Designed to deliver a Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in TCLDEL, it’s the ideal degree for any student who aspires to become a proficient communicator and English teacher.

One university, two exciting global locations…

Unlike other universities, the award-winning George Mason offers the unique opportunity to live and learn in both the Incheon campus near Seoul, and the Fairfax campus, near to Washington DC. All students studying at the Korea campus are expected to study at the Fairfax campus for one year. Students studying at the Fairfax campus can choose to study at the Incheon Campus for up to one year as part of their program too.

Known for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, GMU believes every student deserves access to a great education. Regardless of which GMU campus you choose, all graduating students receive the same degree and diploma from George Mason University.

Source: George Mason University, Korea

From a professional perspective, GMUK provides a plethora of opportunities for students to access numerous internship and recruitment opportunities. As an international city, Songdo houses many intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations and World Bank.

Encouraging GMU learners to grow beyond the classroom, the George Mason University Korea Career Development Centre partners with students to increase employability and match their skills with the needs of future employers. Staff offer individual career counseling, success seminars, resume review and interview preparation.

In addition to the many career preparation activities, George Mason offers additional options to develop leadership skills through an abundance of extra-curricular initiatives that can be applied in a professional setting or just for general personal growth.

Mingyu Kang, a recent GMUK graduate with a degree in Business Management, discovered this first-hand, as one of the pioneer students to attend GMUK.  “Throughout my studies, I was able to learn about corporations and their business environments,” he says. “These studies helped me to understand the objectives of the tasks and processes during my internship work.

Source: George Mason University, Korea

“I always received information from the university’s career development services and Mason Korea always encourages students to obtain work experiences during the early stages of their studies. That’s how I secured my US internship in Pacific City Bank,” adds Kang.

Where affordability and academic excellence are not mutually exclusive.

George Mason University is globally-recognized for providing the highest quality education at an affordable price. A core belief is that students come first and that’s why the university strives for ways to ensure graduates get a return on investment for their studies.

GMU is placed top of the list for the highest average salaries among recent graduates out of all Virginia schools.

Aiming to facilitate the growth of the world’s future leaders, GMUK strives against financial constraints that hold learners back from fulfilling their true potential.

In addition to offering competitive tuition rates, GMUK provides a plethora of scholarship opportunities to help deserving students achieve their dreams of a world-class education. It grants a range of Entrance Scholarships for incoming undergraduate freshman and transfer students. Based on an evaluative review that considers your personal experiences, skills, essay quality and academic performance, your application will be carefully assessed and you’ll be notified of the result before starting your course.

Source: George Mason University, Korea

Once you’re enrolled, there are several opportunities for continuing student scholarships, and even scholarships for students heading to the main campus for one year to help with the cost variance.

To ease international students’ transition to life in Songdo and GMUK, the University provides support through a Chingu Program, where current students can be matched with an international system in a buddy-type scheme to help them acclimatise to the new environment. Participating in this program gives continuing students the chance to not just develop their leadership skills, but also to receive exclusive tuition assistance each semester in return for their efforts.

Additionally, a live-in paraprofessional resident advisor is responsible for cultivating a safe and inclusive community experience for students occupying the Incheon global campus housing during the academic year. With their guidance and thoughtful consideration, you’ll never feel alone!

So, if you’re searching for a high-quality American education at a more affordable price, and a diverse student body representing over 20 countries, GMUK is your destination. Complete with a faculty full of renowned global leaders and experts – including former executives and Nobel Prize winners – you could be the next GMUK game-changer that makes a global impact.

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