Combat and resolve conflict at George Mason University Korea

Conflict Analysis and Resolution is the newest addition to George Mason University Korea’s range of undergraduate programs. As a global member of the George Mason campus collective, the Korean university provides a prominent platform for students to become the active leaders of today and the critical thinkers of tomorrow. Situated approximately 25 miles from Seoul and a 20 minute shuttle ride from the airport, it’s an easily accessible location for aspiring learners.

As stated by Korea Bizwire, “a growing number of students are graduating from the one and only education model in South Korea (GMU) where renowned courses from a number of international universities are on offer.” It’s an exceptional time to join the university as they held their very first graduation ceremony last December. With increasing interest, spaces for dynamic degrees are filling up fast. Plus, with approval from the Ministry of Education, George Mason is ready to educate applicants about their Bachelor’s and Master’s schemes.

Getting to know George Mason University Korea

 Established in 2014, George Mason University Korea (GMU Korea) has welcomed over 450 undergraduate students from 26 countries worldwide. Partnered with vital organizations such as the WHO Collaborating Centre and the World Federation of UN Associations, these valuable collaborations have provided students with the opportunity to grow. As the Asian counterpart of America’s GMU, the establishment has grown into a major educational force. Mason’s community has the chance to engage in study abroad workshops and exchange experiences. Aside from Songdo, other campuses include Arlington, Prince William and Fairfax Counties in Virginia.

Dr. Steven Lee, the President of GMU Korea highlighted key elements about the university and how it attracts ambitious individuals. “Our goal is to have them leave the institution with a high level of confidence, competency and good character. We very much value serving our students…Unlike some other universities where professors are simply teachers in the classroom, our professors are very much involved in the lives our students.”

Dr. Lee believes that interactive learning is fundamental for nurturing a growth mindset. With aims to develop the “appropriate character and social responsibility” of students, it will “help the graduates of GMU Korea become integral members of society.” Therefore, the goals of George Mason differ from most universities. Instead of viewing their students as statistics, they view them as individuals. By tapping into their learner’s desires, courses are creatively constructed to produce a positive educational experience.

Commitment to Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR)

 On a planet full of clashing opinions and destructive digital debates, the latest addition to GMU Korea’s curriculum is a hot topic. The top-ranked Bachelors of Science/Arts degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR) is the first of its kind in East Asia. It illuminates current day issues that are affecting communities worldwide. With this degree, you can dive into an assortment of fields; for example, government agencies, social work, NGO’s and political organizations.  It’s the first and largest CAR program in the world and is run by the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR).

You will gain in-depth expertise about peace-making protocols and the act of resolving critical conflicts. Interpersonal skills, effective problem-solving expertise and research proficiency are incorporated into the program. Your coursework will reflect real-world matters and cultural complications. The department is there to support you on your adventure and enhance your understanding about race, culture and identity and their relation to conflict. If you’re longing to unravel universal challenges and appreciate the efforts that go into developing solutions, this degree is for you. Patience is required as you’ll be expected to gain experience via various research methods. As the course goes on, your confidence in designing surveys and conducting interviews will grow. With four research centers behind you, there will be an ongoing flow of revolutionary breakthroughs and contemporary ideas. If you achieve a CAR qualification full of multifunctional modules, your studies at GMU Korea will have safeguarded your future.

Global Influence of GMU Korea Graduates  

Naturally, once you complete a course your primary concern is the next step in your future. Whether you choose to further your studies with a Master’s degree or whether you’re fixated on a career, George Mason is willing to guide you through every step of the process. By using the latest pedagogy, GMU Korea is producing the next generation of global leaders who go on to work for organisations like the UN for the High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Program and the National Safety Council.

This is a school that equips its academic audience with the constructive tools graduates can take into the working world.

GMU Korea is a tight-knit community. Even when your course ends, you’ll always feel connected to the faculty and forever be a part of the GMU family. The university genuinely cares about its students’ welfare. It’s yearly brochure includes parent’s testimonials to demonstrate the unbreakable bond between GMUK and their graduates. Father of Junhyoung Jung (Class of 2019) is thankful for his son’s new-found confidence. He states: “my son has adapted and is thriving in his studies while he has built character, experience, and leadership through various school programs and activities. Already, I feel that my son is ready for the outside world, and I am amazed at how much he has matured.”

Combining state-of-the-art technology with an empirical and theoretical approach, GMU Korea adopts an efficient learning style. Its stimulating study environment will help you combat the complexities of your chosen degree while teachers will help you build your professional portfolio. Plus, if you value your comfort and space, there are lots of cozy residence halls and guest housing to help you feel at home. Ultimately, it’s George Mason University Korea’s international links; innovative syllabus and expertise that helps shape its global edge.  

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