Get an eventful, immersive, and fulfilling summer at SOAS University of London Summer Schools
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Get an eventful, immersive, and fulfilling summer at SOAS University of London Summer Schools

A taste of “The World’s University” and the world’s best city for students — this is what’s in store for those joining SOAS University of London’s Summer Schools.

London – ranked #1 in QS Best Student Cities 2024 – is a place where everyone is welcome. When England’s exciting capital has over 300 languages spoken, you can only imagine the richness of its discourses and debates on today’s global issues. And at SOAS, you’ll hone a special lens to understand them, thanks to the school’s unique regional expertise throughout the curriculum, showcasing the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is where you’ll amass deeper and more curious insights into broader world views.

Available as credit- and non-credit-bearing modules, the Summer Schools are where you can earn up to 15 SOAS credits that may be transferred to your home institution. This lets you explore the best of London in three weeks while completing the perfect summer course.

Amazing support and social events

Studying in another city or country is a great way to experience another culture, language, environment and education system. When that city is London and the country is the UK, you’re set for an adventure of a lifetime. It can be as romantic and magical as it’s portrayed in popular culture.

As part of SOAS University of London’s Summer Schools, you’ll get a unique insight into student life in the heart of London. A carefully curated schedule of social events makes sure your days are not just filled but packed with the best London has to offer. Soak in its cosmopolitan way of life, explore the rich history and visit a seemingly endless list of museums, restaurants, parks, and more — many of which are free.

On campus, you’ll have access to SOAS’s world-renowned library, one of only five National Research libraries in the UK. You can also choose to stay in SOAS’s halls of residence located within a 20-minute walk of the campus, where you’ll share a kitchen and living space with four to six other programme attendees. As residents are not divided by country or course, you’ll get the chance to meet people of all interests and from all around the world.

Support is available every step of the way. Whether it’s about your studies, finances or health, the Summer Schools team is always ready to help. They want your time at SOAS to be as memorable as possible.

Located in London, a melting pot of cultures and people, SOAS University of London welcomes students from around the world to join them in their programmes.
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Mind-broadening modules with London as your extended classroom

 2024’s modules include Japanese Art and Visual Culture, Persian, and Green Finance. Each is filled with mind-broadening perspectives by respected international academics with interdisciplinary command. They are engaged in fieldwork and research that influence governments, industries and communities worldwide. Through case studies, you’ll have your viewpoints challenged by the world’s best minds, broach debates, and be empowered to question the global status quo and find solutions to today’s world’s issues.

“It’s just been a really well-thought-out experience, and even though I was stepping into a new space, I felt comfortable and driven to do the work that’s been asked of me,” says Binwe Adebayo, a 2023 Summer School graduate.

SOAS University of London’s Summer Schools are open to everyone to join.
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The Japanese Art and Visual Culture module is a part of the university’s Department of History of Art and Archaeology. It’s the only department in the world to offer thematic and theoretical investigations into art, architecture, archaeology and museology from Africa, Asia and the Middle East and their diasporas. As a Summer School student in this venerable department, you’ll receive a sampling of the unforgettable and enriching experiences of its programmes.

In the module, students visit the significant works and movements in the history of Japanese visual culture through the examination of selected works of art. The material covers particular themes – such as Prints, Paintings and Popular Visual Culture or Canons and Culture in the making of modern art in Japan – within a specific period in Japanese history, such as the Edo or Meiji periods, or over a more extended period concerning religious, literary, historical and social contexts. With classroom discussion complemented by excursions to museums in London, this module allows for in-depth study of art, and students develop connoisseurship and critical knowledge in the process.

SOAS’s School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics – where the Summer School’s Persian module can be found – ranks #8 in the UK in the Complete University Guide for Asian Studies. The school’s focus on Africa, the Near and Middle East, South Asia, and South East Asia takes contemporary and traditional cultures as the fundamental lens to view the regions.

If you’re an absolute beginner seeking to get a basic introduction to Persian, as it’s written and spoken, this is the ideal module for you. You’ll gain basic skills in reading, writing, comprehension and speaking, working towards an ability to read and write short simple texts and communicate on simple everyday topics by the time you finish. As the module includes basic knowledge of cultural issues closely intertwined with “Persia beyond Iran,” you’ll also touch on the spread of the Persian language and culture in the wider Persian world.

The Green Finance module is a great option for those who want to understand how climate and other environmental risks create potential financial risks in banking and capital markets.

You will be exposed to both traditional and alternative risk management approaches and investment theory frameworks used to process and quantify these risks. The module equips students with strong qualitative and quantitative skills necessary to work and conduct research in a cutting-edge area of finance and environment, which is becoming an important topic for financial institutions and their authorities.

The select modules allow you to explore something new or refine your skills further, and taking up one in SOAS opens up a world of knowledge and people to make summer more fruitful. It will set you apart from the crowd, shaping you into an even more socially conscious person open to new ideas, perspectives and experiences.

If you’re interested in complementing your studies with some additional English language support, you may want to take a look at SOAS’s International Summer Programme (with English language). This programme is a great introduction into studying in an English-language medium university whilst allowing you to explore new subjects like International Relations, Global Business Strategy or World Literature.

Applications to SOAS’s Summer School 2024 are open, so apply now to make next summer an enriching one. You can also check out all the happenings at SOAS University of London Summer Schools on Instagram.

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