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Who says you can't have fun and get smarter at the same time? Source: Wojtek Radwankski/AFP

If you want to speak, write and read English better but find school classes boring, try games to learn English.

Each year, thousands of new games are published — many of them are games to learn English that are fun, motivating and help you focus. From exploring magical temples to matching words, they make great mediums to practise until your English is perfect. Whether you’re looking for adventures or go on a social experiment, here are some of our favourites on heavy rotation:

The Grammar of Doom from GameZone

This adventure-style game truly encapsulates fun while learning because it lets you explore secrets hidden within a magical temple. Each room has a series of grammar puzzles you have to solve to move onto the next level. Think of yourself as Indiana Jones but tackling things like grammar and vocabulary skills. 

Human Brain Cloud

Now, this is a fun multiplayer word association game. What does this mean? It’s a tool, a game, and a social experiment all rolled into one. You’re first given random words and your main mission is to type in words (or sentences) that relate to the words you get. 

Example? If you’re given the word “hen” your answer could be “ladies,” “bachelorette,” or “animal”.  After all of this, you get told how many people in the world made the same association as you.

games to learn english

Another thing to note on the list of benefits would be that you’d also acquire skills such as critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Source: Ethan Miller/AFP

7 Words

Super easy to play but this is one of the more advanced games to learn English. You get seven definitions and 18 tiles along with letters. Your goal is to click on the tiles to create words that match the definitions. 

You get three hints to form the word and there are 777 puzzles in the game. When you guess a word correctly, the definition gets crossed out and the tiles disappear so you get the gist. 


Ever wondered if there was a game that helped those in need? This is it. Freerice is a quiz-style game to help your vocabulary skills. You’re given a word and you have to find the closest synonym from four different words. 


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It sounds easy but there at 60 levels and it gets much more challenging as you move on. The company will donate 10 grains of rice to families in need for every question you answer correctly, a win-win right?

Proof it!

This game will give you 10 sentences with a mistake in each one and your goal is to correct them all. This is one of the best games to learn English — a great way for students to practise before an exam or interview.