Gain a world-class engineering degree in Denmark
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Gain a world-class engineering degree in Denmark

It’s crucial that we surround ourselves with brilliant minds and inspiring surroundings. For electronic experts, there’s no better place for this than the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

Established in 1966, today, SDU stands as one of the world’s top 50 young universities, well-known for its world-class research, diverse student body and robust teaching. More than 100 different study programmes are offered here from the humanities to natural sciences; from the health sciences to engineering.

Two outstanding postgraduate programmes offered at the Engineering department include the MSc in Engineering – Electronics and the MSc in Engineering – Mechatronics.

As a rapidly growing field, power electronics and embedded systems have never been more omnipresent in our lives. SDU’s MSc is a combination of three academic fields: power electronics, embedded systems and integrated application with the focus on industrial applications.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution comes into full swing, the need for intelligent products and technologies will grow. At the same time, as the world commits to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, there will be an increased demand for more environmentally-friendly and socially responsible products; for example, the use of intelligent control to ensure reduced energy consumption or electric cars to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Experts in electronic engineering will be central to ensuring we achieve this vision of the future.

Similarly, mechatronics – the combination of mechanics, electronics and software – will be used in everything from robots and refrigerators, as well as energy-saving products. Like electronics, advanced knowledge in this field will make one a leader in the design and development of innovative technological solutions for the many and coming issues facing humanity today.


Both are two-year programmes conducted in small lecture groups and a study-based, collaborative learning environment where students work on projects. Usually, students will receive project outlines from companies in industry and will be tasked with solving ‘real-world’ problems. For the Master’s thesis, carried out in the final semester, students will work at or in cooperation with an industrial company.

Rohan Patil from India is a third year MSc in Engineering – Mechatronics student at SDU. He was in awe of Denmark, its education system and its work-life culture even before setting foot here. Since enrolling, he’s found that SDU offers almost exactly what he was looking for in a postgraduate engineering degree.

“I am fortunate enough to be taught the subjects by such knowledgeable professors who are highly accomplished in theory fields. I have the opportunities to practically implement the theory learnt in class in the amazing labs present in this university,” he said.

What completes the whole SDU experience is the global perspective and experience brought by more than 1,500 international students enrolled in SDU each year. With a lively international student cohort and welcoming community, it’s more than enough to get Rohan set to build a future in Denmark

“Having spent over a year in Denmark, I am in love with this country, its culture and its people and wouldn’t prefer to be anywhere else,” he added.


SDU’s Engineering students will be based in Sønderborg, a market town located in Southeast Jutland, Denmark. A mix of old and new, here, there’s something for everyone. From a lively social scene (thanks to a large student population) to an 800-year-old castle turned museum, from one of the country’s longest coastlines to being close to the border with Germany; living here is to experience the best this Scandinavian kingdom has to offer.

In this charming Danish town, students will not only be surrounded by history and natural beauty, but also an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation. Students, researchers and companies are closely connected here, with no shortage of ideas and knowledge to be inspired by.

SDU Sønderborg is at the heart of this synergy. There are over 300 manufacturing industries located here, mostly small or medium-sized companies involved in electronics, metalworking and the production of high technology communication equipment. Not far off is the headquarters of Danfoss Corporation, one of the world’s leading companies within heating, cooling and air-conditioning, employing employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide.


“Students get in touch with these companies from day one via interdisciplinary projects, student jobs, final projects, matchmaking events, company visits and guest teachers from companies; via these intense contacts it is very easy to get well paid jobs, from student jobs to final jobs,” said Horst-Günter Rubahn, an SDU Professor who heads the Mads Clausen Institute (MCI).

The MCI at SDU Sønderborg was founded by Bitten Clausen, widow of Danfoss’ founder Mads Clausen. It’s a great example of the campus’ close links with industry – today, it’s a power centre for research in mechatronics, electronics, microtechnology, technology entrepreneurship and innovation.

Both local and international students benefit greatly from having access to the MCI, according to Professor Rubahn.

“The students can learn to develop and apply competencies in an international environment, preparing them for jobs with international companies or further academic careers. MCI is a place of open doors, we are supporting the students with respect to their individual possibilities and skills,” he explained.

Other high-tech companies the university is linked with include Linak, Lodam, Ecco and BHJ.

More exceptional collaboration is underway at the upcoming Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE) in Sønderborg, financed by Danfoss A/S, LINAK A/S, the Region of Southern Denmark, SDU and Sønderborg Municipality. The CIE will be the home of three new SDU Engineering programmes and research at an international level. The aim is to boost the development of new products and solutions, as well as alleviate the shortage of highly qualified labour experienced by the regional companies.

This proximity to innovative engineering companies gives students a hands-on approach, instilling the skills that the business community demands. Another special feature of SDU Sønderborg is the close cooperation with Europa-Universität Flensburg which has resulted in an international study environment with Danish and foreign students and teachers from both sides of the border.

For a winning trifecta of world-class engineering studies, invaluable industry experience and an unforgettable study abroad experience, head to SDU Sønderborg where you’ll gain all this and more.

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