9 websites where you can download free PowerPoint templates

free PowerPoint templates
Give your audience a visual kick with these free PowerPoint templates. Source: Carlos Costa/AFP

If you’ve ever had to come up with a beautifully designed template for a presentation or for school, chances are, you would have used Microsoft PowerPoint. After all, PowerPoint presentations are common in an academic and professional setting.

Websites to download free PowerPoint templates have risen in popularity since they help to save time and effort in creating an impressive design to wow your audience.

Here are nine websites for you to consider if you are looking for a convenient and free way to score some presentation style points:

free PowerPoint templates

Designing a compelling PowerPoint presentation is an essential skill for students to take into any career. Source: Daniel Roland/AFP

9 websites to download free PowerPoint templates

1. Powerpointify

A website to source high-quality PowerPoint templates is Powerpointify. Top designers around the globe create their designs, and you can quickly search for templates by browsing through 19 categories.

Powerpointify has a user interface that is intuitive and easy to work with. You don’t have to create an account to download them, and you can edit the elements of these templates in Microsoft PowerPoint. The files will be downloaded in a ZIP file format. 

Click here for the website.

2. Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival hosts a diverse collection of free PowerPoint templates for students and business professionals to download. You can view and choose from 229 templates, ranging from creative templates to resume templates, and download them in one of the three formats: Canva, PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Slides Carnival is a suitable option if you need to come up with a simple design in a short period. Each template will come with approximately 35 to 40 slides attached with icons and stickers that are free for you to customise.

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Another popular website to download free PowerPoint templates would be ALLPPT. As the name suggests, this website allows you to browse and download a diverse collection of PowerPoint templates. On top of that, you can also download PowerPoint diagrams, illustrations, and free royalty background designs.

If you are using an older version of Microsoft PowerPoint, the website supports free templates compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint 2007, 2010, and 2013.

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4. Presentation Magazine

The Presentation Magazine has many categories: medical, business, nature, educational, wedding, architectural, Christmas, travel, weather and more. You can also filter your search by popularity, colour or tags.

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5. Slide Model

Want a quick and easy way to source free PowerPoint templates? Slide Model allows its users to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, where you will receive free templates through your inbox.

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6. SlideBazzar

SlideBazaar offers a wide range of professionally designed PowerPoint templates for various use cases. They specialize in creating templates for project managers, investor pitch decks, business presentations, marketing presentations, education, infographics and more.

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7. 24Slides

24Slides is similar to other websites on this list. You can group your PowerPoint template choices by categories and view detailed explanations about the slides by clicking on the template thumbnail. You will need to create an account to download these templates.

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8. Slide Hunter

This website has PowerPoint designs that will help you to illustrate business models and charts or interpret data in a simple format. You can browse through their slides catalogue and click the download button to download the free templates.

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9. Microsoft

Last but not least is Microsoft itself. They provide a variety of templates for its products, so you are guaranteed to find a good variety that suit what you need or want.

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