free websites for students
From creating the coolest presentations to elevating your profile photo game, these are some of the most useful websites you can't live without. Source: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP

Student life is rife with assignments, presentations, and even preparing portfolios for university or your career. These require hours of work, research, designing, and proofreading for the perfect outcome. But what if we were to tell you that there are countless free websites for students that can ease your workload?

Doctor and educator Tessa Davis — who compiles weekly threads on tech, writing and education on Twitter — recently tweeted some useful websites that can shave hours off your work. Many found Davis’ Twitter thread especially helpful — it amassed over 6,000 retweets and 25,000 likes in just 13 hours. 

In addition to Davis’ suggestions, we’ve also scoured the web for some great websites that can make your student life easier. 

free websites that are useful

The best part is you can enjoy these websites’ features without downloading anything. Source: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP

Free websites for students to shave hours off your work

1. Sejda/DocHub 

Editing PDF files can be a pain, but not with Sejda or DocHub. 

You don’t have to split the file or convert it to another format. Simply upload your PDF to either website and make your edits directly on the file itself. 

Click here for Sejda and here for DocHub. 

2. Softonic 

With Softonic, you can easily merge, split or adjust PDF files in a jiffy. This is especially useful if you need a specific page from a PDF file that can’t be easily copied to text. 

Click here for the website. 

3. LunaPic

Do you need to convert a photo into PNG format with a transparent background? LunaPic has got you covered. 

It’s a free online photo editor that lets you remove your background image, make your images transparent and resize your photos. 

The best part? No sign-up or installation is required. 

Click here for the website. 

4. My Heritage Nostalgia 

Do you want to create moving portraits, like the ones you see in the Harry Potter films? With My Heritage Nostalgia, it’s possible. 

This website is handy for animating pictures, making them look like they were initially from video clips. It’s a useful tool that can add a nice touch to your presentations. 

Click here for the website. 

5. Profile Pic Maker

Do you need your headshots to look more professional? This is where Profile Pic Maker comes in. 

It lets you add colourful tones or patterns to your picture’s background so that it looks like they were taken professionally at a photo studio. 

Click here for the website. 

6. Pexels 

One great way to make your presentations stand out is to use videos instead of images. Studies have shown that videos are powerful visuals that can keep your audience engaged and entertained. According to Kennected, countless businesses now implement videos in their marketing strategies. 

Pexels is a fantastic site for free high-quality stock videos that can spruce up your presentations.  

Click here for the website. 

free websites that are useful

A student studies at the Rice University Library in Houston, Texas. Source: Brandon Bell/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP

7. Unsplash 

In need of cool and pretty images to use in your projects and presentations? Unsplash is a fantastic website for beautiful stock photos covering almost all verticals, from current events to lifestyle, wallpapers, nature and gaming. 

Click here for the website.

8. Diffchecker 

Some files make it easy for anyone to track changes made to a document, but that’s not always the case for other file formats.

Diffchecker is a useful website that eliminates the need for you to compare text between two documents. Apart from text, you can also compare changes made to images and spreadsheets. 

Click here for the website. 


If you’re into illustrations instead of videos, Blush is the website for you. Illustrations are helpful visuals that work especially well in story-telling. makes designing your projects and presentations fun and easy with their stunning and customisable illustrations drawn by artists from all around the world. 

All you have to do is choose a style, customise it and use it on your design. 

Click here for the website. 

10. Grammarly 

It’s easy to miss grammatical errors and wonky phrases in your assignment after reading it numerous times.

Enter Grammarlya free website that uses artificial intelligence to review your spelling, grammar and punctuation. The premium version can also improve other areas in your writing, including its clarity, engagement and delivery mistakes. 

You can upload your document on the website or install a free plug-in so that it can review your work on the spot. 

Click here for the website.