Four ingredients for student success at top British boarding schools
What are the four ingredients to student success at top UK boarding schools? Source: Becca Tapert/ Unsplash

At the recent British Education and Schools Show in Asia (BESSA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the four secret ingredients to student success at top UK boarding schools  were released by Senior Master of Radley College, Harry Hammond.

So, if you’re seeking high-quality academics and want to know the leading advantages of a great British boarding school education, listed below are the four factors featured during the talk…

1. Qualifications 

Graduate with confidence. Source: Andre Hunter/Unsplash

One of the main ingredients lies in the high-quality qualifications. As soon as students are equipped with the results required for entrance to their university of choice or their desired job role, they are already firmly on the path to success.

A top British boarding school empowers learners to achieve all they can in their personal and professional lives. As such, qualifications reflect the school’s educational excellence and act as a gateway to higher education.

2. Adaptable skills

Adaptable academics. Source: Eric Deeran/Unsplash

Once an learner understands the worth of adaptability, they’re ready to enter the working world with confidence and flair.

By becoming flexible workers, they find certainty in the unknown and push their passions towards something they love doing instead of feeling restricted.

3. Work Experience

Work experience is a great academic enhancement. Source: Alex Kotliarskyi/Unsplash

Another enriching element to the leading boarding school experience is exclusive access to work experience placements.

By introducing you to top employers and pairing your skills with matching roles, students gain both real-world experience and an understanding of what makes learners employable in this day and age.

4. Contacts  

Contacts are crucial. Source: rawpixel/Unsplash

Finally, the talk emphasised the need for contacts. If a top boarding school nurtures a prime network of employers and university representatives, there may be a higher chance of success beyond boarding education.

Once a student has completed their school experience there is a need for progression.

Instead of letting that talent go to waste, many boarding schools ensure  students’ future success through a thriving contact network. From setting up company interviews to tailoring curricula to suit the needs of their desired university, an excellent boarding school does all it can to transform a student’s academic dreams to reality.

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