Should student accommodation providers host a wellness week?
Are wellness weeks the answer to international student integration? Source: Cristi Tohatan/ Unsplash

When moving into new student accommodation, you should think about attending a community wellness week.

Typically, these events come complete with mindfulness workshops, interactive discussions about reducing stress, free food and even puppy petting sessions!

That’s exactly what student accommodation provider Fusion offers residents. Through its annual wellness week named ‘Sleep, Eat, Move Repeat’, participants attend motivational talks and healthy lifestyle lectures free of charge.

Other free perks of the week include yoga classes, pamper nights, tasty smoothies, cooking courses and one-to-one counselling appointments.

Why are wellness weeks so important?

Your mental health is worth monitoring during your study abroad experience.

When we spoke to qualified counsellor Amanda Perl about the stresses international students face while at university, she explained that “Many find adjusting to their new life taxing when they do not hear their own language spoken, living conditions are different and there is unfamiliar geography.”

Perl adds that “Cultural differences can also be a stumbling block for students settling in and they can struggle with understanding new social norms.”

Student wellness weeks are a perfect way to welcome new students from around the world.

By offering residents free opportunities to mix and mingle with their neighbours, international students are more likely to feel included in cultural activities and more likely to develop supportive friendships.

Let’s hope all university halls are taking note of this advice! Source: Giphy

Is your new university accommodation hosting one?

Before going back to your halls of residence or your new student accommodation company, it may be wise to check if any wellness weeks are scheduled.

If not, perhaps suggest to the management team that students would benefit from a wellness week experience. If the first one’s a success, it could be a reoccurring event that brings the community together.

After all, who doesn’t want a free smoothie or an afternoon spent with cute, furry animals?!

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