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Five reasons to study at the University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania brings together around 4,500 international students from almost 150 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Brazil and China.

The University believes that going to university should be an unforgettable experience that changes the way students see the world. A place to grow through connections with new people, events and places.

Students are encouraged to feed their thirst for knowledge and longing for adventure at the same time. Because not only is the whole island their campus, but their playground as well.

Everybody’s motivation to study in Tasmania is different. So here are five reasons to make the move to study your degree.

1. Experience a new culture and lifestyle

Tasmania (affectionately known as Tassie by locals) is an island known for having the cleanest air in the world, an abundance of natural beauty, amazing produce and food, and a laid-back way of life.

40% of the island is protected by national parks, so outdoor activities are very much a part of the culture here.

Preyanka Pandiyan came to Tasmania from India to study her Master of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Australian Maritime College, and the unique location was a big factor in her choice of university.

“I previously visited Australia on holiday and fell in love with this country,” she says.

“Better yet, to live and study on an island state like Tasmania, what more could I ask for?”

University of Tasmania

Students in the community garden at the University accommodation. Source: University of Tasmania

2. Internships and work experience opportunities

Not all learning happens in a classroom.

One of the big benefits of life in Tassie is the interconnectedness of the community, meaning students get close access to the people and producers that are shaping the island.

The University maintains close ties with a wide range of businesses, research institutes, medical facilities, and leading media, arts and cultural institutions, allowing it to offer internships and on-the-job learning experiences, which see students working side-by-side with the people, businesses and organisations most closely related to their studies.

Kruti Patel moved to Tasmania from western India to study her Master of Professional Engineering (Civil and Structural). She was offered an internship with Hobart civil engineering firm GHD during her studies.

“The people I was engaged with were very helpful and encouraging,” she says.

“The best part of the internship was working on actual design tasks associated with the project, which allowed me to network with the civil engineering community.”

3. Don’t let costs get in your way

The University of Tasmania has a range of scholarships on offer to help take some of the financial strain out of relocating to study. A scholarship can helps reduce tuition fees (or cover them completely) and allows students to focus more on their studies and Tasmanian experience without having to stress about money.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology student Maxwell Vincent was awarded the 2022 South Asia Scholarship, reducing his overall course fee by 15%.

“It was a big help, especially seeing as how we had a lot of expenses in terms of visas and so forth from the international relocation. It has also helped to reduce stress of needing to earn enough to pay for full time study and still live a decent lifestyle,” he says.

4. Find your independence

The University of Tasmania also offers a variety of  accommodation options to help students find their independence, make new friends. and settle into a fulfilling student lifestyle with ease. They want learners to truly make the most of their time living in an amazing island.

Originally from Indonesia, Edwin Listyo was awarded a Tasmanian International Scholarship to study his Master of Professional Accounting at the University of Tasmania, living on campus at Leprena student accommodation in Launceston.

“Living on campus was great. It was so easy to access all those social activities, as well as being nice and close to all my classes,” he said.

“If there was something happening and a friend said we should go to the campus, it was just outside the door.”

University of Tasmania

Agriculture students on a field trip. Source: University of Tasmania

5. Looking for a fresh start?

Maybe you’re just looking to go somewhere far away so you can really focus on just finding yourself, while committing yourself to studying your passion. And we think we’re the perfect place for that, too.

For those times when you just need to put your head down and study, Tasmania is the perfect place for concentration and contemplation.

Having grown up in a city of more than ten million people – Lagos in Nigeria – Master of Social Work student Perpetual Onuigbo said life in Hobart was the change she needed.

“I love the environment here, the regional setting, being close to nature, and it’s such a quiet place,” she said. “It’s such an interesting place with a lot of opportunities. I’ve been growing the whole time I’ve been here.”

It’s clear tranquillity is part of the Tasmanian package. Where better hear yourself think while you’re on your way to achieving academic excellence.

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