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University of Tasmania: An unforgettable adventure

At the University of Tasmania, you’ll get an education that’s unlike any other, on an island where incredible things are happening.

It’s the only university in the state, meaning enrolment unlocks a truly unique learning opportunity on a campus that leaves most first-time visitors speechless. Here, there’s a living natural and social science lab to explore; an emphasis on real-world learning, with all its socio-cultural, economic and environmental challenges and opportunities; an arts community taking risks to pioneer new ways of doing, sharing facilities in a place of ancient cultural wisdom; and an island of inspiration, collaboration, aspiration and transformation –with students at the heart of it all.

When it comes to learning, expect to go beyond classroom walls – standing shoulder to shoulder with industry professionals, in the lab, on the water, and in the offices, studios and performance spaces most can only dream about.

Many international students appreciate Tasmania’s uniqueness, which continuously pioneers new ways of learning, living and thriving. “I love the environment here, the regional setting, being close to nature, and it’s such a quiet place,” confirms student Perpetual Onuigbo.

“The University of Tasmania is just in the right spot, it has a track record of good academic outcomes, a lot of Nigerians graduate from the University of Tasmania, and the University’s sustainability goals really interest me as well. It’s such an interesting place with a lot of opportunities. I’ve been growing the whole time I’ve been here.”

A great place to study, a great place to live

The island’s vibrant cities offer a safer and less overwhelming experience than bigger ones on the mainland. Here, you’ll be able to explore, discover yourself and find your people in arts, outdoors, study, sports, and social communities.

Stepping outside, you’ll find the island’s natural wonders – including Planet Earth’s largest temperate rainforest and five UNESCO-listed historical sites – all within easy access.

When it comes to creativity, Mona, Mona Foma, The Unconformity, Ten Days on the Island, Junction Arts Festival, and Taste of Summer make Tasmania a wild destination in the international arts scene.

University of Tasmania

More options mean more possibilities

UTAS believes that university should be for everyone. From school-leavers to career professionals, local, interstate or further afield, the institution is breaking down barriers so that more people can access a transformative education in a special part of the world.

University life can be hectic, and timetables should be no barrier to kick-starting that new career, picking up that vital skill, or going deep on that lifelong passion. So, whether you’re studying full-time, part-time, online, casual or intensive, the University of Tasmania can help you flex your studies around the shape of your life.

If you’re an international student, its International Pathway College, English language programmes, support networks and accommodation can help you take higher education further than you ever thought possible.

University of Tasmania

To a more sustainable tomorrow

In addition to providing its students with great study opportunities, the University of Tasmania is also focused on improving not only its home state, but the entire world. That’s why they’ve been certified carbon neutral since 2016. In fact, when it comes to climate change action,  the University of Tasmania is the top-ranked university in the world, as rated by the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022.

That’s not all.

Across its campuses, there are opportunities to effect change across socio-cultural, economic and environmental landscapes. From the courses they teach to the investments they make, the research they conduct to the recycled asphalt they use in their car parks; there are smart, sustainable decisions happening everywhere you look.

Intrigued? Join the University of Tasmania Sustainability Integration Programme for Students (SIPS) and focus on helping the university solve real-world challenges. Teach Tasmanians more about climate change with the Curious Climate project. Contribute to the University of Tasmania research at the global edge of environmental, marine and climate studies.

This dynamic university’s commitment to sustainability, in all its forms, means that when you choose to study with them, you’ll contribute to their blueprint for a positive future.

To fast-track your journey to enjoying unique learning experiences on an island filled with natural beauty, click here to apply to the University of Tasmania today.

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