10 US universities with lowest out-of-state tuition & fees
Stay cool with this list of unis that won't break the bank. Source: Shutterstock

There are several tiers of prices at US universities, depending on where you come from. In-state rates are for students who are from the state the university is located in, while out-of-state rates, usually higher, apply for those who are not from this particular state.

At most universities, international students pay out-of-state tuition, but there are some institutions that have a whole new price tier for this group of students, usually at even higher rates than the out-of-state fee tier.

If you are looking for state colleges that won’t break the bank, US News has come up with a ranking of the 10 US universities with the lowest out-of-state tuition and fees that won’t break the bank.

Most of these universities are located in Midwest states, such as Minnesota. Source: Shutterstock

At these schools, the average tuition and fees is US$8,441, US News data found – this is a fraction of what the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, the most expensive state undergraduate institute, charges for out-of state students (US$47,476 in tuition and fees.).

Here are the top 10 state schools in the US charging the lowest out-of-state tuition and fees. (For international students, take note that some of these schools may have a different price structure for students from abroad) :

University (State) Tuition and fees (2017-2018)
Minot State University (North Dakota) $6,810
Alcorn State University (Mississippi) $6,888
Central State University (Ohio) $8,096
University of Texas of the Permian Basin (Texas) $8,274
Southwest Minnesota State University (Minnesota) $8,338
Bemidji State University (Minnesota) $8,644
Mayville State University (North Dakota) $9,084
Dickinson State University (North Dakota) $9,150
West Texas A&M University (Texas) $9,418
Texas A&M University—Texarkana (Texas) $9,708

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