Alabama's Auburn cheapest city for student housing - study
Auburn University is located in Auburn, the most affordable city for student housing. Source: Shutterstock

Auburn in Alabama, United States, is the cheapest city for student housing globally, a study revealed yesterday, with a weekly rent only around a quarter of those charged at the most expensive cities in the world.

New York City remains the most expensive, followed by nearby Boston (Massachusetts, US) and the UK capital, London. Students pay nearly US$400 per week to stay in these cities.

Only one Australian city, Sydney, made the top 10 in‘s report, Cities in Focus: Global Student Accommodation Indicator”, which revealed the most and least expensive cities for student housing. Sydney came in at seventh place, rising three spots from its position as the 10th priciest city in the student accommodation consultancy’s report last September.

“It’s evident the big urban centres around the world remain huge magnets for both international and domestic students,” founder and CEO Luke Nolan said in a statement.

“On average, students pay more to live in these cities, but that’s not to say there aren’t more affordable options available.”

Students at the Big Apple pay US$431 on average for rent per week. Source: Reuters/Keith Bedford

Instead of location, points to how student-centric a city is as key to a city’s affordability, particularly in relation to its supply of housing.

“Across Australia, the UK and the US, cities with larger supplies of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) tend to be, on average, more affordable than cities that are undersupplied,” Nolan said.

“As the PBSA market grows, we’ll continue to see a more diversified range of options that cater to different budgets.” analysed the amount of rent forked out by 8,000 international students across 92 cities worldwide through its site from Nov 1, 2015 till Oct 31, 2016.

Athens is home to the University of Georgia and Piedmont College. Source: Shutterstock.

Athens in Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida, were the second and third least expensive cities. Students spent slightly more than US$100 per week on rent.

Across the pond, the coastal city of Hull is the most affordable British city in‘s report, with a weekly rent of US$111 per week.

Here are the top 10 most and least expensive cities for student housing:

Top 10 most expensive cities

# City Country Average Weekly Rental Spend (USD)
1 New York City US 431
2 Boston US 403
3 London UK 359
4 Washington US 329
5 La Jolla US 298
6 Oxford UK 288
7 Sydney Australia 285
8 Cambridge UK 272
9 Los Angeles US 263
10 Seattle US 260


Top 10 least expensive cities

# City Country Average Weekly Rental Spend (USD)
1 Auburn US 96
2 Athens US 104
3 Tallahassee US 106
4 Hull UK 111
5 Norman US 112
6 Gainesville US 114
7 Bloomington US 118
8 Columbia US 121
9 Dundee UK 122
10 Sunderland UK 123


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