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A group of students hang out in a flat. Source: Shutterstock/DisobeyArt

If you’re looking for a fancy dig with a home cinema and leather lounge chairs for your coming years as a student in London, move along, this article is not for you, sorry!

But if you’re thinking about sensible, off-campus modest abodes that won’t dig too deep into your pockets – London is one of the most expensive cities in the world after all – then read on!

Thanks to the budget extraordinaires at London Cheapo, here are five tips to help you find your wallet-friendly home away from home in this trendy English capital:

1. Hunt down student-specific rentals

london student accommodation

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Sites such as Accommodation For Students and Student Pad let you search for student places, with all the useful filters (location, budget, type of housing, availability, etc). The average prices there are something like £100 or so per week – pretty decent compared to certain luxury private halls that charge about £200 – £300 per person per week.

2. Mind the gap, check the map

Research which tube is closest to your campus. Source: Shutterstock.

Find out where most of your lectures and university social events will take place – some courses or events will not have their classes on the main campus. It would be more practical to find a place as close as possible to your classes and social activities so you don’t have to spend too much on transport and waste precious time.

3. Short-term vs long-term stay

Enjoy your summer break knowing you are not paying for an empty room back in London. Source: Shutterstock.

Plan your summer holidays ahead. If you are planning to stay in London, choose a rent-term throughout summer to avoid the hassle of having to move a second time during summer. If you’re heading home or other places during the long summer break, choose a term-time only place so that you don’t end up paying for an empty room you’re not staying in.

4. Consider living with non-students

Make friends from all walks of life. Source: Shutterstock.

While staying in a student-majority community has its perks, it may not be as cost-savvy as housing options catered to young professionals. LHA London is a registered charity that offers short-term and long-term hostel-style accommodation in Zones 1 and 2 to students and workers – average costs range from £88-£274 per week. Beroomers provides Airbnb-style housing options such as shared flats, host family stays, student halls and full apartments, going from £95- £200 per week

5. Come for a cultural exchange too via homestay

A real cozy home away from home. Source: Pixabay.

If you’re an international student or just wanted to know better your new surroundings better, a homestay is a good option to get closer to your new city through its people. Homestay hosts include families, couples and professionals that open up their homes in exchange for a little bit of culture. Check out this nifty guideline from HFS London and choose from any one of these sites to look for a host that suits your needs: Brittania StudentsHFS LondonLondon Homestays. Average costs are around £125-£180 per week.

We hope this guide has been handy! For more housing options on the higher end of the spectrum, check out these websites: (1) and (2)

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