FedUni Brisbane’s graduates are ready for career success. Here’s why…
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FedUni Brisbane’s graduates are ready for career success. Here’s why…

Nothing gives graduates sleepless nights more than the thought of a jobless future after investing in a degree. For international students, the fear is bigger. After all, they’ve crossed thousands of miles in the hopes of getting a foreign degree that will lead to more job opportunities, better-paid work and personal development.

Federation University (FedUni) Brisbane helps students put these fears to rest.

There’s no doubt that the future of work is changing. Uncertainty over the rise of automation and growing competition from the proliferation of university degrees are valid concerns for many fresh graduates, and even for seasoned workers today. To stand out and survive, there are fundamental skills studies have shown to be crucial, such as critical thinking and other soft skills.

This is the thought process behind FedUni Brisbane’s integration of real world experience. The campus’s commitment to providing every student with practical opportunities ensures graduates who walk out its doors are employable, for now and into the future.

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Preparing students for the real world

How does a university prepare students for the demands of the real world? Today’s graduates don’t just need to show they are capable of applying theories and skills learned in class, they also need to possess the requisite communication, time management and teamwork skills deemed critical among Australian and global employers.

Through its industry engagement programs, FedUni Brisbane gets the ball rolling for students’ professional employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, be it regionally, nationally or globally.

Leaving no stone unturned, FedUni Brisbane ensures its future graduates receive training for career success from the start of the job-hunting process.

Through its collaboration with industry partner Concentrix, FedUni Brisbane students get a unique opportunity to experience a live recruitment process.

Source: Federation University Brisbane

The business services company – part of parent company SYNNEX, ranked 198 on the Fortune 500 listing – provides services in ten industries, from consumer electronics to media and communications.

Through this collaboration, students get the chance to practice what it’s like to be in a real job recruitment setting. Upon completion of this career program, they are eligible to apply as genuine job applicants to relevant casual or part-time positions available throughout the year.

Additionally, there is a four-week training placement option that students can capitalise on as part of their degree.

“The program offers real world experience combined with flexibility for both students & employer, which is a mutual attraction. The program leverages potential international opportunities upon completion, which is a unique offering,” said Site Delivery Manager, Tom Sutherland.

For FedUni Brisbane student Sampresh Shrestha, every day was a learning experience during the placement; a worthwhile endeavour to make students’ experience more global and future-proof.

Source: Federation University Brisbane

“Concentrix have offices all around the world so these skills could help me anywhere,” Sampresh said.

A further supporter of FedUni Brisbane’s industry experience program is the Australian Securities Exchange-listed Downer Group, an integrated services company that designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities with its 56,000-strong employees.

Through this win-win partnership, FedUni Brisbane students collaborate closely with Downer business leaders to deliver genuine projects that support the operations of its business, according to Tanya Smith, its General Manager for Human Resources, Infrastructure Projects and Rolling Stock.

“The program allows Federation University students to gain valuable real life practical experiences in the infrastructure and construction industry, while Downer gets access to talented students who bring innovative and fresh ideas,” Smith explained.

Industry engagement with knowledge and heart in the right place

Armed with specialist knowledge to understand and implement advanced software engineering principles, FedUni Brisbane’s Master of Technology (Software Engineering) students are given the opportunity to further boost their employability by gaining class credit through industry engagement programs like CoderDojo.

Source: Federation University Brisbane

At this global community of free programming clubs for youths, volunteers teach those aged 7 to 17 years how to code, build websites, create apps or games and explore technology in a fun, creative and social environment.

As part of this global movement, FedUni Brisbane’s Master students don’t only get to revise their IT knowledge learned in lectures, but also impart this knowledge to young minds passionate about technology and robotics.

“While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. Called ‘The Protégé Effect’ – researchers have found that students who tutor others are able to understand, recall and apply the material more effectively.

For international students, this experience is invaluable. Language-wise, they sharpen their English skills in both the informal and professional contexts.

Anchal Gulati from India said: “I joined CoderDojo as I love teaching and imparting knowledge to others.”

Source: Federation University Brisbane

“It is an excellent platform to practice my abilities while teaching kids new computer skills.”

Bridging the gap between university and your future career

Another industry engagement program FedUni Brisbane offers is its Post-graduate Internship Program, where students spend time immersed in a host company alongside Australian professionals.

At no extra cost, students can apply for this program upon graduation to kick-start their future careers. With three online work-readiness modules and a 12-week full-time or part-time professional internship, students can improve their employability prospects with guidance from both FedUni Brisbane and host companies along the way.

To ensure access to all its students for its career training initiatives, particularly those from abroad, FedUni Brisbane has the Professional Year Program tailored for international graduates.

The professional career development program is in partnership with a provider able to offer the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Professional Year Program, Engineers Australia’s Professional Year in Engineering and Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting (SMIPA), in seven locations nationwide.

Source: Federation University Brisbane

The scholarship awards international graduates AU$2,000 to undertake this with the school’s partner provider so they can learn skills to gain employment and succeed in their chosen fields. Upon successful completion, they get the added bonus of being eligible for migration points towards permanent residency.

From the recruitment process to future-proofing graduates’ pathways to the boardroom, FedUni Brisbane’s commitment to producing employable graduates is evident. For an inspiring qualification and a jumpstart to a successful career, this is the place to be.

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