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Farringtons School: Today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders

A quality school excels in imparting crucial knowledge; however, a dynamic school is one that can help students cultivate the qualities needed to navigate challenges, inspire others, and drive positive change — that’s precisely what Farringtons School aims to do from its 25-acre campus, which sits strategically between the Kent countryside and the London metropolis.

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Empowered by its rich history while embracing the modern way of learning, the school has come a long way since it opened its doors in 1911. Today, it is deliberately medium-sized, ensuring every learner receives the care they deserve on their journeys to becoming academic powerhouses ready to take their next academic step. This is what Ms. Victoria Jackson, who took on the role as Head of Sixth Form in 2017, has to say about nurturing this level of preparedness:

“Leadership skills are essential as they teach young people self-esteem, confidence and allow them to assume responsibility and act independently. Having a voice is a powerful tool for young people.”

Guided by its motto, “Growing in Wisdom”, and strong Christian ethos, the school equips its students by focusing on their intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth. It also places a strong emphasis on empowering them to shine with their individual talents.

Just one of the ways they achieve this is through their Floreat (meaning “to thrive”) Activities Programme. Within it, there are over 50 different activities for students to pursue. Delivered within the usual timetabled school day, it offers challenge, enrichment, and diversity for students in Years Seven to 12.

Floreat seeks to hone students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills, boosting their ability to succeed in education, work and society. Take the Start Platform activity, for example. Participants learn to use Start, a digital careers platform which helps them explore and prepare for their future careers by documenting their employability.

The programme’s structure varies across different schooling years. In Year Seven and Eight, students join activities on a carousel-style basis — five in Year Seven and five in Year Eight. During Year 12, students can pursue a student leadership accreditation or sports leadership course.

Farringtons School

Source: Farringtons School

Farringtons School also has a rigorous application process for learners to become prefects who are vital to the school’s community. For instance, boarders can reach out to any Farringtons staff member or any Sixth Form prefects for support. “Our prefects are expected to be leaders in many different areas of school life,” says Ms. Jackson. “They have training from Head of School Mr. David Jackson, during the year.”

For those who love the outdoors and nature, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is the perfect chance for them to improve their physical fitness, acquire new skills and help the local community. Students in Year Nine complete four sections at the Bronze level, which covers navigation and route planning skills, campcraft, basic first aid and teambuilding skills.

International students reap similar benefits when they choose to call Farringtons School home. Aside from prefect roles and the Floreat Programme, the school develops their fluency in English through English as an Additional Language lessons. By doing so, Ms. Jackson hopes that these learners find “greater confidence in their leadership.”

What’s more, the school has an externally accredited leadership programme and students who are peer mentors also follow an external training programme. Little wonder why Farringtons School was shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Experiential Learning (Senior) category for the Muddy Stilettos School Awards 2023.

Farringtons School

Source: Farringtons School

“We were especially pleased to get external recognition for the programme as a national finalist in the ‘Best Experiential Learning’ category of the Muddy Stilettos competition, but also to see ten of our pupils awarded certificates at the Bromley Rotary Youth Awards ceremony for their involvement in two different community-minded projects — one supporting adults with autism, the other linked to a local care home,” Mr. Jackson shares during a Senior School prize giving speech.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to understand why countless graduates have effortlessly gone on to pursue degrees in a range of top universities across the UK, such as Cardiff University, Queen Mary University of London, the University of Reading, and several other esteemed institutions.

“We have an impressive record of students leaving to go to Rusell Group universities, many of whom developed leadership skills through the prefect system,” Ms. Jackson shares. “One student this year (Head Girl) has an apprenticeship at KPMG.”

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