Farringtons School: Delivering a world-class education in a nurturing environment
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Farringtons School: Delivering a world-class education in a nurturing environment

An education that strikes a fine balance between intellectual growth and preparing students for life can be hard to find — unless you’re at Farringtons School.

Empowered by its rich history while embracing the modern way of learning, the school has come a long way since it first opened its doors in 1911.

Set in 25 acres of sprawling parklands, Farringtons School’s campus sits strategically between the Kent countryside and the London metropolis. It has easy access to both the M25 and M2, making travel convenient for students within the UK. Heathrow International Airport is just an hour away.

While there may be many boarding schools in the UK to choose from, Farringtons School exudes a sense of family and community for its boarders that is unmatchable.

Living here is like living with family – one that’s exceptionally welcoming, friendly and inclusive. Boarders connect other boarders from around the world, learning diverse views as they grow, learn and develop together. Thanks to an alumni association, many of these bonds last a lifetime.

Farringtons School

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At Farringtons School, there are many spaces for these friendships to flourish. The school has impressive facilities like a 20-metre indoor heated swimming pool, a large multi-purpose sports hall, a fully equipped fitness suite, a mirrored dance studio, four netball and tennis courts, and more.

Within its well-equipped and lively Houses, boarders are given the opportunities to not only forge lifelong friendships but also grow as individuals, all while pursuing academics from a rich and broad curriculum.

“One of the main things that I learned here was independence because in boarding, you learn how to do things on your own. I have enjoyed my time here and do hope to continue my studies in the UK,” student Tomas says.

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Students have fun at Farringtons School Houses. Source: Farringtons School

Tomas, who hails from Czechoslovakia, said when he first arrived at Farringtons School, the rest of the boarders helped him settle in quickly, making it feel like home soon enough.

“It was my first time at a boarding school but it was very comfortable already. I picked this school because of its system, where I could concentrate on taking up free subjects then continuing to my A Levels,” he says. “Right now I study Mathematics, Economics and Psychology plus the mandatory IELTS subjects.”

While core subjects build a strong foundation of intellectual curiosity and creativity, a wide range of electives let students explore their passions. Here, they can choose to learn Art, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, History, Music, Textiles, Food and Nutrition and many more, including Latin and Mandarin as second foreign languages.

Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, Farringtons School aims to encourage high aspirations in every child. The school maintains small size classrooms, enabling teachers to become well acquainted with students, but also provide challenging opportunities that are curated to the needs and abilities of students. It’s a mix of support and push that helps students reach their full potential.

Its reputable pastoral care system provide more support for students to develop and shine. Personal growth has great significance here and the school, underpinned by its strong Christian ethos, puts student wellbeing as its #1 priority. With a strong pastoral team and form tutors, together with a Chaplain, a School Counsellor and a Mental Health Lead, there’s always someone for students to turn to.

Spanish student Lucia says the school was extremely welcoming when she first arrived, and is glad she chose to join Farringtons School.

“Everyone feels like family and we have so much fun over the weekends going into London and doing our shopping and just relaxing. I have improved my English so much and I would definitely recommend this experience to all my friends back home,” she says.

Farringtons School

Source: Farringtons School

Believing that an education doesn’t only take place in the classroom, the school offers an extensive array of sports, arts and other activities to participate in. For example, there are an abundance of resources for the sports department, giving students a chance to develop their skills at various athletics with much success, even at the regional and national level.

Across the Art section, students can explore Dance, Drama, Music and the Creative Arts, while sharing and performing their work through showcases, exhibitions and school productions. The school also offers trips to the theatre, exhibitions and professional companies.

Through the Floreat Programme, which means “flourish”, there are over 50 different activities across the programme for students to pursue. Delivered within the usual timetabled school day, it is for students in Years Seven to 12 and offers new ventures like archery, podcasting, Japanese culture and many others.

The school’s ethos is to deliver a world-class education amidst a nurturing, holistic environment – and Farringtons School does just that.

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