Explore International Education and Globalisation with the University of Bath
Source: University of Bath

By delving into the fields of international education and globalisation at the University of Bath, you’ll acquire valuable real-world insights from a prime academic institution.

As the 6th best university in the UK and 4th best for student experience, this university provides a high-calibre curriculum and engaging learning environments.

Addressing global and local education issues

At Bath’s distinguished Department of Education, both national and international challenges are discussed. Preserving a longstanding commitment to research excellence, the department uses investigative data to enhance the student learning experience.

With TEF Gold (2017) standard research, the university sheds light on subjects like internationalisation, academic leadership and language practice. There’s also a variety of collaborative local and global projects taking place worldwide.

Source: University of Bath

By extending and sharing research impact with various international bodies, multinational companies, government organisations and leading children’s charities, Bath’s Department of Education has the upper hand in producing meaningful, eye-opening data.

The institution’s industry links in education will work in your favour. With projects funded by an assortment of bodies, including the Economics & Social Research Council (ESRC), the European Commission and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, the department takes your career to great heights.

A key example of where Bath supports the academic wellbeing and development of children in today’s interconnected world is the recent ESRC-funded multilingualism research project. As the effects of globalisation grow, Department of Education researchers Professor Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen and Dr Jing Huang are discovering ways to adapt systems to support multilingual children.

Bath’s Department of Education considers globalisation in everything they do, transforming learners into agents of change. Rather than keeping project research and courses to a local level of impact, students are exposed to universal angles and real-life solutions.

Inspiring students to make a real-world impact

So, if you’re reading this and want to get involved with the University of Bath’s incredible progress in the international education sector, you would feel empowered by one if its many popular postgraduate programmes.

Introduced as a unique insight into two thriving fields, the one-year MA International Education and Globalisation degree highlights the growing issues of our rapidly-changing world.

Throughout your two semesters, you’ll examine and explore education within a global context, analyzing current methods and approaches that move with the shifting global landscape.

What’s great about this postgraduate pathway is that it merges practice with theory to give you a solid understanding of the partnership between globalisation and international education. You’ll also walk away with advanced critical analysis skills and leadership techniques.

To add to your experience, you’ll unravel the importance of intercultural communication and research in international education. By showing you what’s happening in the field right now and highlighting what’s needed for future success, the Bath Department of Education opens your mind to the limitless possibilities of change.

Instead of simply passing the information, the university offers the space and guidance that lets your ideas prosper. With an experienced faculty of innovators and changemakers encouraging you to take knowledge to the next level, you can make a positive, powerful impact on international education.

As you can see from the video above, students from around the globe choose the University of Bath as their next study destination due to the department’s experiential and supportive education style.

From learners to global leaders  

One minute you may be graduating from the Department of Education with a well-deserved degree, the next minute you may be dedicating your knowledge and skills to leadership roles across the world; that’s the beauty of having a qualification from Bath!

Education and Psychology student, Chloe Collins, offers a perfect example of Bath’s transformative teaching styles in action. During her course, Chloe felt inspired to use her placement year to help change the lives of others in Nepal.

“On my three-month placement I lived with a local host family and my Nepali counterpart in a very rural community in Western Nepal. My group and I conducted community awareness events on gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, hygiene and wellbeing, mental health, self-defence and many others.”

By devoting the skillset acquired from Bath to this unrivalled global experience, Chloe courageously utilised her talents to benefit global communities.

Another student who reaped the rewards of their University of Bath experience is Samantha Stone. After studying an Education Masters of Research (MRes), she chose to further her academic adventure with a PhD in Education.

As Samantha explains, “The purpose of my research is to gain an insight into how children understand the complexity of their social worlds. My MRes at Bath gave me theoretical skills, experience of practical applications and a solid understanding of research methodologies and paradigms, which have stood me in good stead for the PhD.”

Alongside Samantha and Chloe, thousands of students have immersed themselves in the studies of international education and globalisation at the University of Bath. By applying a practical approach and a universal perspective to all courses, it’s the prime place to evolve into a career-ready global citizen.

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