Understand the concept of choice with Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour
University of Strathclyde

Have you ever thought about why people make the choices that they do? Have you ever thought about ways in which you could bring about positive change through helping people to make more effective choices? Have you ever wondered why different people make different choices in exactly the same situation?

If these questions spark your curiosity and ignite your passion, studying psychology at university-level will allow you to delve into these conundrums, discovering how the brain creates human consciousness.

More than simply learning about the brain, you will explore the way the mind gathers and interprets information, you’ll learn to interpret patterns in behaviours and thoughts and understand the impact of individual and group mentalities in decision-making.

One of the most interesting aspects of psychology is the way it applies to daily life. From behaviours during our morning commutes to the ways people respond to changing government policy, psychology can provide insights into spending habits, as well as predict shifts in cultural attitudes and opinions.


If you’re aiming to build a career in which you’ll influence public reactions or individual decisions, studying MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour at the University of Bath can give you career-directed knowledge to help you understand the processes that influence decision-making, allowing you to build predictive behaviour models.

Launching in September 2018, the course provides a unique opportunity to study an integrated curriculum focussing on economic modelling and the psychology of individual’s emotions and decisions.

Modules look at the Psychological and Economical Perspectives into Decision-Making and Statistical and Mathematical Modelling in the first semester, before learning about Contemporary Issues in the Understanding of Decision-Making and Professional Skills Development. The course gives you the tools to create accurate behaviour predictions, which are then used to form powerful integrated conclusions.

Contemporary Issues in the Understanding of Decision-Making is the flagship unit of the course, seeking to deepen student understanding in the cutting-edge intersections and issues between psychology and economics. This broadened perspective will be implemented to build models and analyses of human behaviour, tying in the fundamentals of both fields.

To ensure you receive the highest level of academic prestige, the course brings together leading lecturers from the Department of Psychology and the Department of Economics. This allows for a truly interdisciplinary programme that combines the brightest talent from both areas.

After being taught by research-active academics throughout the Master’s programme, students will be valued as a leader themselves as they enter the graduate job market. The University of Bath was ranked first in the Guardian University Guide 2019 for career prospects after 6 months for psychology, as well as bring placed in the top 10 in the overall rankings*.

University of Bath

The course opens career prospects for those looking to follow an industry centred on human decision making, whether that’s in politics, healthcare, economics, human resources, executive management or one of the many other industries.

Relevant skills to these fields are curated during the second semester module, Professional Skills Development. This unit focuses on self-awareness and development to identify which careers align with personal values and aspirations.

On top of developing professional communication, time and workload management and dealing with ethical dilemmas within a code of conduct, students learn how to engage in structured reflection of own their performance to be the very best they can be.

With help from the University of Bath’s dedicated career service, students can maximise the graduate potential gained through MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour, making the most of workshops and one-to-one sessions to further build their career skills.

Graduates from the MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour course will already have carved out an industry niche for themselves through the unique curriculum, allowing them to improve their graduate prospects even more.

Applicants are considered from a wide range of backgrounds such as psychology, economics, management, business, human resources and disciplines where advanced modelling is a key component such as engineering, physics and mathematics.

If you’re committed to taking your career based in human decision making and behavioural predictions to the next level, MSc Applied Psychology and Economic Behaviour will give you a deep, interdisciplinary understanding on the topic. You will be able to use this to inform the industry beyond graduation.

*Based on undergraduate data

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