Enter the online world of entrepreneurship management with the University of Bath

Encouraging students to unlock whole new ways of thinking, the Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation online MSc at the University of Bath is paving the way for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.

Bath School of Management is ranked 2nd in the UK for Business and Management Studies in 2020 by The Complete University Guide, and 2nd in the UK for Business Studies by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide.

Blurring the lines between traditional business disciplines, it’s an online entrepreneurship course that helps you to see business as one connected whole as you explore new directions in your career.

As Course Director, Professor Dimo Dimov, explains, “To have vision, you need to be able to imagine a better world. Forward thinking is an essential part of this; avoid taking for granted existing things or status quo assumptions, as these can restrict broader thinking. Visualise the world without these preconceived boundaries to see the possibilities of a better way.”

If you’re willing to take your studies and mindset forward, this course provides many new and exciting opportunities for you.

Navigate the entrepreneurial journey from idea to venture

“Some people are very good at starting things, but when it comes to scaling it, someone has to take over from them. Those who stay and succeed are the ones who are curious and experimental, but who can also be focused and disciplined when the time calls for it,” says Professor Dimov.

Inspiring students to stay determined and driven, the course equips learners with the tools to navigate their entrepreneurial ideas into reality.

University of Bath

As outlined in the course curriculum, you’ll study essential areas such as the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, operations and organisation design, financial models, entrepreneurial strategy and entrepreneurial acceleration.

The course begins with an induction to help you get to know the faculty team, your fellow students and the Virtual Online Environment which is logical and easy to navigate, offering access to all relevant course materials.

Over a minimum period of two years and three months (and up to a maximum five years), you will embark on 12 units, plus a project at the end. The units are eight weeks in duration and run consecutively.

You’ll also have access to a range of innovative online tools to help you successfully complete your studies, while 24/7 technical support is available should you have any queries or need support during your degree.

Addressing all angles of entrepreneurship management and innovation, online students are an integral part of this global community.  As part of the online experience you will become involved in the University’s global community, as you can conduct virtual discussions with other students and immerse yourself in the University of Bath’s community engagement and research projects.

Think creatively about contemporary business issues

Accredited by EQUIS, the School is benchmarked against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as engagement with the professional working world.

Teaching you to think outside the box, you’ll be motivated by guest speakers and unique entrepreneurial case studies from Bath’s real-world business connections. You will build a strong international network, innovating and executing decisions that will benefit your organisation or personal projects.

To start a business, Professor Dimov believes you must know what people in the market need, and then how to build and deliver it.

“It’s a very different set of skills to make sure your operations are coordinated, and the right processes are in place. Even if you have that, for a business to be sustainable it also needs to be financially viable. All three of these elements – the market interface, the operational design and the financial model – need to come together,” he says.

Develop the art of pitching winning propositions

After successfully completing your entrepreneurship course, you’ll be equipped with the skills needed to lead innovative initiatives in your current role or to progress your business.

From developing the art of winning pitches to unlocking the power of persuasion to garner support for ideas, you’ll be ready to handle the challenges that come with being a successful entrepreneur.

For Bath graduates, there are always so many different career pathways to take and innovative initiatives to pursue.

University of Bath

“When we speak with successful entrepreneurs and hear their stories, one thing that inevitably comes up is persistence, believing in what they do. It’s a sense of purpose and internal drive to make a change in a particular place.

“There are no small ideas. Every idea has the potential to be a big idea, but the challenge is you can’t really tell at the start, so curiosity, experimentation and being proactive are all very important,” says Professor Dimov.

Completing this course at Bath won’t be the end of your learning venture, but rather the start of something bigger.

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