How global exposure and entrepreneurship help students thrive in Asia’s booming economy

How global exposure and entrepreneurship help students thrive in Asia’s booming economy

As the world becomes more digitally connected, today’s business graduates must be globally minded and adopt an international perspective to excel in their career.

This is particularly true in thriving Asian markets, where there are talented students with global mindsets and vision, as well as innovative thinking and the ability to create strong business solutions.

That’s why Asian universities are increasingly helping learners get accustomed to the workplace and what’s expected of them, linking them with study abroad opportunities and incorporating more practical learning and entrepreneurship in course structures through work placements and internships.

These opportunities help students learn how the real world works, also developing their soft skills, which are highly valued by employers – including traits like critical thinking, adaptability, communication, and the like.

One such university is The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Ranked the world’s best young university (Times Higher Education’s Young University Rankings 2018), the institution offers a wide range of industry-relevant undergraduate degrees in the business field, granting students a clear and focused path to achieving their full potential.

The world-class HKUST Business School attracts high-caliber students from all over the world with its focus on experiential learning and overseas opportunities, among other things.

The School has developed flexible curricula that are well-tuned to today’s global business environment, ensuring students acquire the ideal multidisciplinary skills suited to their personal and professional goals.

Students here have the option to take a single or dual business major, as well as take non-business minor programs to supplement their learning.

Liewchanpatana Pitchaya, a Business & Management student from Thailand, feels proud of her life-changing decision of joining HKUST Business School.

Liewchanpatana Pitchaya

“Our business school is undeniably one of the best in Asia,” she explains. “It is a place where we are able to combine the latest business knowledge with the technological field. We benefit tremendously from meeting students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills across disciplines – from business to engineering; from science to social sciences. We learn from each other, become a formidable force and achieve greatness together.”

Global learning experiences with unique Asian insight

With its highly-acclaimed undergraduate programs, HKUST Business School has over 3,500 undergraduates from 40+ nationalities.

Global partnerships with top-notch institutions in over 40 countries doesn’t just bring exciting learning experiences to undergraduates, but also further diversifies the student body on campus.

The experience of being exposed to a global environment and Asian culture gives students the best of both worlds – the ability to apply business concepts and theories to make proper business decisions in international settings and gain an in-depth understanding of the unique Asian business environment.

The School’s close relationship with institutions in Asia, as well as its comprehensive careers support, helps graduates seize career opportunities in booming regional economies.

Students gain access to a wide range of co-curricular activities and enriching learning opportunities, including internships, corporate projects, case analysis training and competitions.

Earlier this year, the School collaborated with China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch (CEBHK) to organize the first academic industry-collaborated cyber security competition for students. Winning teams were rewarded with prizes and internship opportunities with CEBHK.

Last month, the School signed a memorandum with the subsidiary of China’s largest online-only insurance firm, ZhongAn Technologies International Group Ltd (ZA International), to step up collaboration on three major areas: Technology Research and Development, Training, and Entrepreneurial Incubation Program.

Lau Wen Kai, a BBA Global Business student from Malaysia, said, “After graduating from high school, I decided to study abroad at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) as Hong Kong is one of the prominent financial centers in the world, along with the economic boom in the East over the years.  This has allowed me to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a new country with a brand-new identity.”

Lau Wen Kai

Developing innovative entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and innovation form the DNA of HKUST Business School.

Outstanding faculty members from renowned universities all over the world bring a fresh and innovative approach in business education. One example would be the School’s triple-degree World Bachelor in Business, offered in partnership with the University of Southern California in the US and Bocconi University in Italy.

This undergraduate partnership is the first of its kind, designed to engage intellectually entrepreneurial students while connecting leading-edge teaching methods with cultural immersion and real-world experiences.

A minor program in entrepreneurship is open to all business students to cultivate students’ mindset to seek out change, thrive in problem-solving and be eager to create an impact.

In July this year, an incubator will be opened to provide a friendly co-working space and help students get their innovative ideas off the ground.

The School actively encourages students to participate in entrepreneurship activities, such as the HKUST One Million Entrepreneurship Competition, to help them realize and achieve their dreams.

Jeremie Plane, who hails from France, graduated with an BBA Global Business and Marketing in 2013. He said, “I found the diversity I was looking for, plus a consistent drive among students and faculty to succeed and achieve, which of course has a unique meaning for each of us.

Jeremie Plane

“This translated into countless hours in the library to gear up for the strong competition, but also lifelong learning, a global mindset and friendships with people from all over the world following very diverse passions.

“HKUST being close to many Hong Kong employers, I received an offer before graduating and decided to stay in Hong Kong to start my career in the luxury industry. Nine years after moving to the HKUST dorm with my suitcase for the first time, I am still in Hong Kong, now running my kitchen knife business, KOTAI.”

Through the wide range of learning experiences and opportunities, students at HKUST Business School earn much more than a degree, leaving job-ready and equipped with valuable skills for successful futures in the dynamic business world.

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