Engineering online degree
Source: Louisiana State University

The importance of engineers cannot be understated. They make the world go round with their innovations –– the kinds that come to life with technical skills picked up in university. Since many individuals are interested in following in their footsteps, universities in the US and across the globe have upped their game when it comes to offerings for budding engineers.

There’s a lot to consider when looking into a quality education –– locally or abroad. How much will it cost? What do I stand to gain from it? Can professionals keep their jobs while studying? If these questions have fuelled your doubts, perhaps it’s time to consider studying online. Accredited programmes offered today can be completed in less time and most importantly –– at lower costs.

Universities today understand international education is not always a viable option. Hence why most produce multi-level online programmes that are practical and rigorous. They are looking to fill the gap in a field that is both booming and competitive. If you have the same goal in mind, choose one of these US universities with robust online offerings for aspiring engineers:

Louisiana State University

Both accessibility and affordability are big at Louisiana State University (LSU). Here, busy schedules are accommodated in the most effective ways possible through a suite of online certificate programmes, micro-credentials, and degrees. There are no geographical limits for budding engineers, just plenty of resources and benefits that ensure they receive the same educational experience they would on campus.

Engineering online degree

Source: Louisiana State University

The best part? Guaranteed admission. Every upskiller, reskiller, or high school graduate is invited to join LSU Online’s stackable modules while increasing their chances of high-ranking employment. LSU’s College of Engineering provides several virtual courses in construction management and residential construction.

Aspiring undergraduates could opt for a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. For career switchers, LSU offers Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Construction Management, and Facilities Management. Those upgrading their skills in the petroleum industry may consider a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Modern Topics in Petroleum Engineering.

Those keen on career progression are equally spoiled for choice. Advanced qualifications include Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and Industrial Engineering. Graduate Certificates in Cloud Computing and Machine Learning; Healthcare Systems Engineering; Healthcare Analytics; and Transportation Engineering are ways to advance your expertise in specific areas. To apply now and begin your journey to engineering mastery from anywhere in the world, click here.

Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU) Online’s programmes are taught by the same award-winning instructors that conduct classes on campus. What more could a virtual learner need? Each pathway offered was designed to help enrollees gain the skills needed to change careers, advance professions, and gain professional insights.

Engineering online degree

At FIU Online, each pathway is designed to help enrollees gain the skills needed to change careers, advance professions, and gain professional insights. Source: Florida International University

Pair this flexibility with teachings from FIU’s renowned College of Engineering and Computing and you’ll have a recipe for success. The college frequently updates its course lineup to ensure students are prepared for jobs of the future. Its priority is to actively engage with partners and the community guarantees learners post-graduation opportunities.

Interested in collecting building blocks for a solid foundation? FIU Online offers undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Internet of Things, as well as Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Aspiring postgraduates could choose a Master of Science in Computer Engineering: Network Security, Construction Management or a Master of Arts in Global Affairs: Cybersecurity and Technology Policy.

Its Master of Science in Engineering Management offers a General Track as well as others in Construction Management, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Systems, Logistics Engineering, Production and Manufacturing, Quality Engineering and Management, and Systems Engineering.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University helps students kickstart prosperous careers in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) sectors with top-quality education and flexible offerings. In fact, it is a national leader in online education, delivering degree and certificate programmes to students across the globe.

Engineering online degree

The Oregon State Ecampus aims to make learning opportunities more accessible by merging 21st century innovation with over 150 years of institutional excellence. Source: Oregon State University

Its aim is to make learning opportunities more accessible by merging 21st century innovation with over 150 years of institutional excellence.

The Oregon State Ecampus is where it all comes together. In this virtual space, students learn to make an impact in their communities and beyond, leverage the support provided to them, build connections with a world-class faculty, and eventually enter the workforce with the future-proof skills they will need to succeed.

The BS in Computer Science is a prime example. With this programme, learners gain the advanced skill set to thrive in any market and adapt to the changing needs of businesses worldwide.

The Ecampus also hosts a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering with an option in Engineering Management, specifically designed for professionals with STEM backgrounds. It combines the business, financial, and management skills needed to be an effective leader; covering topics that general MBAs typically do not.

University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to online learning. In fact, the mission of its Division of Continuing Education (CE) is to provide quality, innovative lifelong learning opportunities to a diverse student population. CE’s online term-based courses integrate the feel of traditional classes, but in a web-based environment.

Engineering online degree

The Division of Continuing Education’s aim is to provide quality, innovative lifelong learning opportunities to a diverse student population. Source: University of Colorado Boulder

Enrolled students get to spend their days interacting with instructors and peers through weekly assignments, activities, and discussions. Each course is unique. Many contain interactive tasks such as reading, writing, online quizzes, and discussion posts.

However, they are all flexible. Students can enrol any time and finish in less than a semester or up to six months, making it an ideal option for working engineers, managers, and technical professionals to upskill their way to becoming more competitive.

The College of Engineering and Applied Science is the best at this development. It offers a BA or Post Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science; graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical Engineering; Engineering Management; Water Engineering & Management; and Computational Linguistics; amongst others.

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